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Introducing your new Life & Times Co-Editors

Lily Smith and Kamryn Koble take over section for Spring semester

Freshmen Lily Smith and Kamryn Koble take over Life & Times

By Victoria Lawson | Echo

Just as Spring semester 2019 at Taylor began with blankets of fresh snow, The Echo’s Life & Times section is starting this semester with two pairs of fresh eyes.

New Life & Times Co-Editors and freshmen Lily Smith and Kamryn Koble are excited to be on leadership with The Echo staff. They hope to bring new perspectives and ideas to the section, such as more self-help columns and advice on incorporating new life habits. They also hope to continue “Humans of TU,” a loose parody of the popular “Humans of New York” books and photo series by American author and photographer Brandon Stanton.

Smith loves the Life & Times section for the way it captures the unique people, events and culture on campus and is excited to be co-editor alongside Koble.

“(Being co-editor) feels like a lot, but I’m really excited about it — I think it will be so fun to learn with Kamryn as we figure out the process,” Smith said. “Because I don’t 100 percent understand it yet but even just talking about articles and what we’re planning has been so fun . . . Focusing on the special experiences that the people at Taylor have is something I think is so cool and we can really highlight that in the Life & Times section, which you can’t really do in any other section.”

Koble is also glad to take on the role. Her high school did not have a school newspaper, so she is excited to be able to participate in a publication of The Echo’s caliber. She appreciates that The Echo covers a wide range of topics and is student-run, which provides her with hands-on experience in newspaper production.

Koble also shares Smith’s mix of nervousness and excitement as freshmen on The Echo’s leadership staff.

“It’s definitely scary — I don’t feel like I have all the answers and it’s been a little overwhelming, but I am very excited to meet all the people working on the paper,” Koble said. “I know they’re all extremely capable and helpful, as Taylor students are, so I am just excited to come in humbly and try to learn as much as I can while still completing the job to the levels of quality that they expect on The Echo.”

Koble is a professional writing major and loves experimenting with different planners as a hobby — especially Bullet Journaling. Whenever she is asked to share a fun fact about herself, she likes to share that she used to waitress at an Amish restaurant in Nappanee, IN, wearing an Amish dress to work every day.

Smith is a psychology major and enjoys reading and writing, sometimes dabbling in poetry. Prior to college, she loved to ride horses and showed horses competitively for 10 years. She was once a national champion at 13 years old.

Sophomore Kassidy Weemhoff, one of the former Life & Times Co-Editors, is proud to pass the baton to Smith and Koble.

“Kamryn and Lily are both very passionate, ambitious writers,” Weemhoff said. “We have had them write stories for the Echo in the past and they always went above and beyond to deliver quality content. Kamryn and Lily have all the qualities of a diligent, creative Life and Times Editor.”


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