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Indiana’s 200 year old law changes

Hoosiers can now buy alcohol on Sundays

In the state of Indiana, alcohol is now legal for sale on Sundays. (Photograph provided by Unsplash)

In the state of Indiana, alcohol is now legal for sale on Sundays. (Photograph provided by Unsplash)

By Clark Murray | Echo

On March 4, something changed in Indiana history: a new law that has a potential impact on businesses across the state.

For many years, Indiana was the lone state in one aspect — the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Yes, you may not believe it, but until just recently alcohol was not sold in any Indiana store on Sundays.

The Indy Star spoke to Executive Director of the Brewers of Indiana Guild Rob Caputo, who sees both positives and negatives with the event.

The new bill, signed by Governor Eric Holcomb on Feb. 28, replaces that previously instated in 1816. Though other states changed many of their alcohol laws in 1933 by the 21st Amendment, Indiana kept close to theirs.

Because of the church’s impact on Indiana, they decided to prohibit alcohol sales on Sunday unless you purchased from a microbrewery.

When asked what he thought of the law’s impact on campus, senior Mike Garrity said, “I think the impacts will be marginal on campus, because the mass majority is not purchasing alcohol to begin with.”

Although there seems to be no impact on campus directly, this is still a law to be noted. The signing of the bill signifies a new era that strays from values of the 19th century in which it was established.

Because of the minimal impact on campus, many of Taylor’s staff don’t have much of an opinion on the signing.

Jeff Aupperle, director of the Calling and Career Office, had this to say about the impact of the law on campus.

“It has no impact,” Aupperle said. “It won’t change anything, (w)on’t make anyone’s job any harder.”

While many in Indiana may feel indifferent towards the change, for many Hoosiers, this moment is one of celebration. Finally, people can purchase alcohol for consumption, and even for recipes being created, on Sundays.

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