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Hitting the roads in style

Upland passes city ordinance for county roads

By Sam Jones | Echo

Four wheels. Transportation. State roads.

Junior Piper Nicholson, freshman Zoe Mendenall, sophmore Garrett Sisson, and senior Alicia Garnache ride on an ATV around campus.

Junior Piper Nicholson, freshman Zoe Mendenall, sophmore Garrett Sisson and senior Alicia Garnache ride on an ATV around campus.

An everyday citizen, upon hearing these words, may automatically jump to one conclusion ― cars.  But why stop there? Why not entertain all forms of transportation within that thought?

Wayne Valentine, citizen of Upland, recently addressed the town council concerning the legal use of golf carts and all terrain vehicles (ATVs) on state roads within town limits.

The council had previously advised Mr. Valentine that they would not consider an ordinance until Grant County had passed a related ordinance allowing these vehicles on county roads,” the city council notes from the Feb. 19 meeting.

Since that original advisement, those specific vehicles have been permitted legal access to country roads in Grant County.

Not only has Valentine addressed the topic with Upland officials, but he has also voiced his opinions higher up on the government food chain.

“Mr. Valentine also wanted to communicate that he has contacted State Senator Travis Holdman regarding usage of these vehicles on a State Road in the State of Indiana,” the city council notes said. “Main Street in Upland Indiana is considered a State Road so therefore at this time golf carts or UTV vehicles are prohibited from travel on this road.”

Valentine’s persistence on the subject has apparently yielded very productive results.

Holdman has since responded to Valentine’s suggestion.

“Senate Bill 634 is in committee at this time and should be decided by July 1, 2019,” Holdman said.  

Other laws in Indiana permit the potential usage of golf carts on roads.

Indiana’s state laws allow golf carts and other low-speed vehicles to be driven on any road as long as the local government approves the ordinance.

“A city, county, or town may adopt by ordinance traffic regulations concerning the use of golf carts or off-road vehicles, or both on a highway under the jurisdiction of the city, county, or town,” states Indiana Ordinance IC 9-21-1-3.3.

Taylor University, as a private organization, is home to several low-speed vehicles, including ATVs used by the police department and golf carts used by the administration, both on campus roads.

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