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We’re hiring a president

Turn out for what

By Rosie Newman | Contributor


Voting is hard. Do it anyway.

Voting is hard. Do it anyway.

I know as much about politics as the next person. I’ve kept up with the election and try to make time every day to read the news, yet I often feel a little lost in the political game around me. It seems so big, so complicated. Every time I get a grip on the current election, it morphs, and I realize that I don’t really know anything at all.

This presents a problem because the easiest answer is to shut off. To disengage. To let the happenings of this world pass me by.

This is how most millennials seem to be reacting to the election. So yes, this article is about politics—but it’s also a call for us to wake up. Because it’s time to hire a president.

Much of my opinion on the election process relates directly to what I am experiencing in my own job search. I’m a senior currently looking for jobs in the Indy area (so if you have any leads, let me know!). The way I see it, the campaign trail is a long, intense interview process.

The candidates go through interview after interview in state after state, leading to a final interview in which someone gets the job. Candidates try to represent themselves well and explain their core values. This looks very similar to my own process—except that, frankly, many of the things the presidential candidates are saying would quickly disqualify me in any job search.

If I said that I wanted to ban a people group from the country, not only would people laugh in my face, they would think I was hard, cruel and condemning. If I found the dirt on another candidate and used it to defame and ridicule them, I would be considered rude and hypocritical.

Why are we letting actions like these be accepted and celebrated? At what point did we start letting money, power and influence speak louder than the content of someone’s character? Isn’t the point of democracy that the best becomes the leader? Why are we settling for less?

There is much criticism of the millennial generation. We are told that we are self-consumed and that we shy away from hard work. I disagree and I think you should, too. We have work to do, my friends, and it begins now.

So let’s change the conversation around politics. Let’s attempt to appoint a leader for this country who brings compassion, honesty and mercy back to the table. Let’s seek something greater. Something that looks a little more like the Kingdom we’re longing for.

I’m calling you into the conversation. Wake up. Engage. Read some articles and talk to your friends. Vote. Because we’re hiring a president.

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