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Healthy competition

The reasons we love intramurals

By Braden Ochs | Echo

Taylor University is all about intentional community. But, believe it or not, we get a little competitive sometimes.  Intramurals are sports that students can play for fun with their floor or a group of friends. They are a great way to participate in athletics without the commitment of a college sport.


Third Center Olson’s team, UR MOMS, plays against Breu Crew.

“I enjoy intramurals because I like the competition we can have with the different wings,” senior Trei Gilpin said. “It’s nice to play football intramurals because I couldn’t be a part of the Taylor football team.”

Students say they participate in intramurals because they enjoy the friendly competition, and it isn’t a huge time commitment either. Sophomore Tanner Huber said his favorite intramural is  softball: “I played baseball in high school, so playing (softball) brings me back to the good ol’ days.”

“I do really enjoy (directing this program),” Mary Fox, student director of intramurals said. “It goes with what I enjoy about intramurals: organizing events so people can be competitive and have fun. Intramurals is a great way people can get to know other people on campus.”


Flag football is separated into men’s and women’s leagues.

Fox isn’t biased in her direction of the program, but she does have a favorite intramural sport to play: “I love dodgeball because I participate with my wing, and we just kind of goof off. We have fun, and I think that’s what I enjoy; there’s no pressure, there’s not a lot of strategy in it, you just kind of go out and enjoy each other’s presence.” Intramurals can help students bond with their teammates and opponents through friendly competition. e live in an intentional community, and the spirit of intramurals helps make it intentional in competition as well.


Junior Olivia Jones runs the ball for 3rd Breu.

Fox encourages people to find a team before registering. To form or join a team, go to, and make an account. Intramural sports costs $5.79 per player.

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