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Heads up game

New art exhibit in Metcalf

Suzie Dittenber, professor of art, organizes the art for Metcalf’s new exhibit. She is in charge of hanging art for the show. (Photo by Naomi Page)

Suzie Dittenber, professor of art, organizes the art for Metcalf’s new exhibit. She is in charge of hanging art for the show. (Photo by Naomi Page)

By Grace Hooley | Echo

The head. It consists of a face, a brain, thoughts, emotions, ears, eyes, a nose, a mouth, maybe freckles or a wart. A head is full of possibilities, yet it’s only as unique as the creator makes it. Its potential is endless, and its designer uses artistry to convey his or her own desires.

From today until Nov. 4, students will be able to enjoy “A Heads Up Game” art exhibit in Metcalf, starring pieces from Emil Robinson, Anthony Palocci Jr., Craig Hood, Nat Meade, Josh Jefferson, Suzanne Schireson and Dara Engler.

Suzie Dittenber, professor of art, hopes the new exhibit will inspire students and viewers to look past concrete, literal art and think more abstractly. Dittenber purposefully brought in pieces that have a “drawn” quality about them, though most of the pieces are paintings.

“They are not all works on paper, but I think they all fall into the realm of feeling like they have something to do with drawing, just in the way mark-making is utilized, perhaps a sketch-like quality,” Dittenber said. “The work takes on this identity of being a part of a process of figuring something out for another future work.”

Dittenber recognized that drawing is an important practice that can be overlooked in any discipline. People focus on the final product instead of on the importance of the process.

All of the art pieces, according to Kim Hapner, art department program assistant, are shipped to Taylor for this exhibit and will be returned once the exhibit ends.

Junior Ally Midgley will unpack, hang and repackage the art pieces for the gallery. To help with the theme, the pieces will not be framed; they will be placed directly on the studio wall.

“That’s part of the game aspect, being playful and loose, and drawings and sketches enable that,” Dittenber said. “There is a freedom in drawing that allows for play and exploration.”

Dittenber hopes this gallery will help encourage students to engage in the possibilities found in artmaking and inspire creativity in those who come to enjoy the exhibit.

In the end, these heads involve more than what meets the eye, and students, parents, faculty and the general public can come see that at “A Heads Up Game.”

Dittenber said, “We hope it offers alumni and students the opportunity to see and experience what happens in the art department at Taylor.”

The gallery will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,and Saturday October 15, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.Robinson, a featured artist, will also be holding a portrait drawing workshop, Oct. 14, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. To register, email kmhapner@taylor.edu. The same day at 6 p.m.,Robinson will be giving a lecture regarding his work.

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