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Hanging with the ring masters

Meet the MCs of this year’s Airband

Horb and Nemni host this year's Airband performance.

Horb and Nemni host this year’s Airband performance.

By Aubree Devisser | Echo

After two years of the same Masters of Ceremonies (MCs), Airband has new hosts to guide the audience through this unique experience. Elyse Horb, a senior film major, and Noah Nemni, a junior Christian Ministries major, gathered earlier this week to brainstorm. This involved watching old videos of previous Airband shows and gaining insight from 1970s rock band videos such as Journey.

Horb has been planning for years now, and this year, it’s her time to shine. Her freshman year, Kinsley Koons (’14) was an MC, and since then it has been her dream to get on the stage.

“Kinsley was inspiring for me, to see a girl on stage,” Horb said.

Once Horb and Nemni found their creative space, they got right to work brainstorming and using each other to bounce ideas back and forth.

During this process, the two evaluated what was most stressful about their previous hosting role during Nostalgia Night and decided it was best to end the excessive—six to be exact—costume changes between performances. While you may not see a variety of costumes, you will still get an experience like none other from this year’s MCs. They plan to make it as fun for the audience as it is for them.

The duo gave some hints on what might happen during the show. They plan to showcase a variety of carnival acts and Nemni might shave parts of his beard off. He warned everybody to watch closely.

Horb and Nemni have had past experience with similar roles. Last year, their Nostalgia Night act was called “Noahstolgia Night with Elyse.” However, Airband is a change of pace for the duo, so their plans look a little different this time around.

“This is such a grander stage than Nostalgia Night,” Nemni said. “Nostalgia Night is something, but this is Airband. So we’re going to save the wholesome jokes for the families and bring out more college humor for the second (showtime).”

Horb and Nemni agreed that without each other, the creative ideas for the show would fall apart. Horb explained that if she were on her own, she wouldn’t be able to come up with half of the ideas without working with Nemni. Considering the amount of time and effort it takes to plan hosting an event such as Airband, Horb and Nemni needed some assistance in a particular area in the show.

“We have been taking tips on how to announce the winners. We have an announcing coach named Steve Harvey who also coached the Oscars this year,” Nemni said.

Horb continued to share that Airband is a magical experience and they are honored to be apart of yet another Taylor tradition.

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