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Generation of jams

Auditions for MyGen are right around the corner

By Leah Ryg | Contributor

In 2016, this group of students performed “Ultralight Beam” and wowed the audience with their unique talents.

Have you ever been sitting in your car jamming to some old Taylor Swift, wishing you could share your talent with the world? Well lucky for you, MyGen is right around the corner.

MyGen is a production where students can showcase their talents and represent their generation. All the songs are from the year the senior class was born till now, so 1996 until today.  

Audition requirements are laid-back. “The whole process felt really fun because I got to spend time doing what I love with two of my dearest friends,” Senior Payton Scott said.


You can audition in a group, with a band, or as a solo act. The only necessity in addition to a song from this generation is that you have live music.

If you are looking for someone to perform with, there is a Google Document where you can list your skills and contact information. This is an easy way to connect with people who can join your group. You can also leave your information in this document to be contacted if you are looking to find a group.

Auditions are judged by the Student Activities Council (SAC) cabinet. President of SAC, senior Katherine Klingstedt, said, “We try to look holistically, we don’t want all slow songs or big band songs. We try to highlight different genres.”

To succeed at your audition, pick a song that’s a little out of the ordinary. Be different. Use a song that isn’t like everything else. Sing something that is not like what everyone else will sing.

Scott said that her favorite part was how unique her group’s act was. She said, “the act I did with my fellow Olson PAs was definitely the most unique act I’d ever been in. I loved that it was the group of women I had been working with, on stage jamming out to an empowering song. It felt unique to have an all-girl band to rock out with.”

Signups for auditions are Oct. 3-5 at a table in the DC. Auditions are Oct. 9 and 10 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m in the chapel. The SAC Cabinet picks about 15 acts to perform in the show.  

Klingstedt said her favorite part of the show is when someone who doesn’t normally sing on stage, gets up on stage and surprises everyone — the people who make you say, “Who is that?! they were amazing!”

So, stop just singing in your car, and try out for MyGen.

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