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Front desk food feud

The best deals in on-campus snacks

By LeighAnn Wolle | Echo

Front Desks are for much more than mail—Each desk is like a mini grocery store. While all of the desks have the fundamental chips, candy bars and Ramen, each has unique offerings as well. Prices also vary from dorm to dorm. Find out what the best deals are at your desk!


Swallow Robin

Only they have: Cookies & Creme Hershey Bar $0.75

Best Deal: Easy Mac $0.75

“We have the desk set up to be an inviting place where students often spend time with each other and the workers.”

Taylor Puitz (Junior – Swallow Robin Front Desk Manager)



Only they have: individual deep dish pizzas $2.00

Best Deal: Wild Berry Skittles $0.25 (Back to school sale)

“The Bergwall front desk has a sign hanging over it welcoming people to our dorm, smiling faces to greet people, delicious snacks and sometimes even Steve and Kate Austin’s sweet baby girl Jace smiling at people as they walk in. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Jami Gezon (Junior – Bergwall Front Desk Manager)



Only they have: cheese sticks $0.25, applesauce $0.40, skinny pop $0.75

Best Deal: $3.00 for a brownie mix, 2 eggs, and 1/2 cup of oil (Brownie Deal)

“We have the best front desk workers on campus. They have the most genuine, happiest faces and are always excited to greet the people that come through our front doors.”

Kayla Visser (Senior – Olson Front Desk Manager)

Favorite front desk foods sold here!

Favorite front desk foods sold here! (Photo by Halie Owens)


Breu/Gerig (same menu)

Only they have: oatmeal raisin, mint chocolate chip and Reese’s Pieces cookie dough $3.00

Best Deal: Popcorn $0.35

“I love Gerig’s front desk because we have a ton of variety to sell to our dorm, and not only that, people have the option to hang out behind the desk and hang out with their friends while they work.”

Zach Levin (Senior – Gerig Front Desk Manager)

“All of our student staff members are very welcoming! Breuninger is our home, and we all feel like the front desk gets to be a part of welcoming people into our home. Our lobby is spacious, and our desk is spacious, allowing for great conversations to occur.”

Karen Windle (Senior – Breuninger Front Desk Manager)



Only they have: Boxed mac and cheese $1.00

Best Deal: cookie dough $2.50

“English Hall has the best front desk because we can actually see the people coming to our door. It’s like our own personal fashion show. We also get to hear people playing the piano and smell all the treats people bake in our kitchen.”

Paje Smiley (Junior – English Front Desk Worker)



Only they have: Powerade 3 ounces $0.75 or 20 ounces $1.50

Best Deal: Fla-Vor-Ice $0.10

“The Wengatz front desk is truly a thriving business loved by everyone on campus. The workers are all friendly, helpful and extremely handsome. If you are ever having a hard day, you can count on being joyfully uplifted at the Wengatz front desk. So stop by! You will NOT be disappointed.”

Kevin Boyers (Junior – Wengatz Front Desk Worker)



Only they have: Sammy Frisbees $10.00

Best Deal: Ramen $0.25

“The Sammy front desk is a welcoming, buzzing metropolis of people. They are always willing to satiate your hunger with snacks or talk to you if you are bored. As the largest dorm, we love meeting new people and seeing familiar faces.”

Taylor Binkerd (Junior – Sammy Front Desk Worker)

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