Freshmen elect ICC president
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Freshmen elect ICC president

Lorenzo comes out on top

By Natalie Nohr | Echo

Last week, Aaron Lorenzo, a member of the largest freshman class in Taylor history, was voted Inter-Class Council (ICC) President.

Vice President Josiah Peterson, Secretary Annika Noetzel and Treasurer Jon Meharg joined Lorenzo on ICC with 126 of the 296 freshmen votes, according to ICC Senior Class President Hannah Harvey.

As president, Lorenzo said his goal is “to unify Taylor’s freshman class by putting on fun events and glorifying God in the process.”

The team began focusing on this mission during their campaign. According to Peterson, they wanted to include all freshmen, especially the ones in smaller dorms. Their strategy was to gain the support of the smaller halls, Lorenzo said, so they targeted those ones specifically. Peterson said he focused on Wengatz Hall residents while Lorenzo campaigned in Bergwall and Swallow Robin, then they hit Gerig and Breuninger together.

Lorenzo made sure to communicate his goals as he was advertising his candidacy.

“I just introduced myself,” Lorenzo said. “If they were considering voting, (then) I gave them my mission statement and some of my ideas, and let them vote on their own time. If they wanted to vote on the spot, I had my laptop there.”

The new ICC president recognizes that there may be challenges along the way.

“It’s going to be hard to find events that appeal to five hundred people,” Lorenzo said. “I recognize that not everybody likes outdoor sports, and not everybody likes theater. So, I want to put on . . . a kickball tournament, and then the next time . . . it will be like a poetry cafe or a karaoke night, just so that it will appeal to different groups of people.”

Lorenzo said despite potential difficulties, he plans to find a balance in freshman class events to get as many students involved as possible.

Ultimately, Lorenzo said he hopes his classmates take time to get to know one another so that, at some point, freshmen can walk around campus and be able to put a name to many fellow classmates’ faces.

“(It’s important because) you live with them . . . We’re going to be rubbing shoulders . . . It’s good to know people around you and know their stories. You never know who’s right next to you. It could be a best friend; it could be someone who impacts your life in a great way,” Lorenzo said.

Lorenzo said that tomorrow after Taylathon he and his team will visit the various halls to meet other freshmen and hear about their hopes for the year.

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