The Freshman 10
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The Freshman 10

What to know before your freshman year at Taylor

By Gabby Carlson | Echo

  1.     Every other freshman on your wing or floor is just as nervous as you are. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. Chances are, they are having just as hard of a time.
  2.     Getting involved with others on your wing/floor is key. If you decide later you don’t like everything you try, cut back on them. At least you’ve made some friends in the process!
  3.     If someone asks you to go on a midnight donut run with them, GO! No matter what curfew you had in high school, you don’t have one here! If it conflicts with a big test, paper or interview, use discretion, but midnight runs are where memories are made.
  4.     Problems with your roommate are like death and taxes, so talk to them about what is bothering you. Living in a room where awkward silence is dominant is worse than just being honest.

    Fresh 10 scale

    Use these freshman ten to keep off your freshman 15. (Graphic by Jeanine Aupperle.)

  5.     You don’t have enough time or access to enough available washing machines to do laundry constantly. Every two weeks is plenty.
  6.     It is crucial to find a church you really like and stay there. This may be hard during the first semester because you don’t have a car, but it is so fulfilling to be a part of a church body that you have chosen.
  7.     Watch how much you eat in the DC. It’s easy to eat chicken, fries, soft serve and two bowls of cereal when you’re chatting. The freshman 15 is real!
  8.     Go to class! Taylor is small and professors really do notice when you don’t show up. This isn’t high school; professors will not give you makeup work. They aren’t afraid to fail you for. Give them reasons to like you and it could come in handy with recommendations in the future.
  9.     Keep in touch with people from home, but know that no matter how many times you claim it, things won’t be the same. Learn to accept that and your old friends will as well. It’s okay.
  10.  Enjoy being a freshman! It’s the one year of college you get to take easier classes and stay out until all hours most school nights and weekends, so make the most of it.


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