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Teppanyaki Buffet offers options for less

By Chrysa Keenon | Echo

An inside look at Teppanyaki Buffet with rows of endless options. Photo by Chrysa Keenon

We can all admit there are days when we just want to drown our problems in a bowl of delicious orange chicken. But sometimes, we just really don’t want to drive all the way out to Muncie, Indiana, to hit up Panda Express. If you want to satisfy your craving while saving an extra buck or two, head to Teppanyaki Buffet in Marion.


This place literally has it all — it’s basically the Hudson Dining Commons’ sister restaurant, but with abundant chopsticks. A hibachi grill is paired next to a sushi bar at the front. If your tastebuds are craving pizza with your orange chicken, you can have that. Feeling risky? Try some garlic bread with your lo mein noodles. Have CrossFit tonight and don’t want to feel too heavy so you want to stick to just salad and dessert? They’ve got that, too. And of course, what kind of restaurant wouldn’t have a selection of fresh fruit and multiple types of Jello?


As advertised in the name, Teppanyaki is a buffet-style establishment. As soon as you’re seated, you can grab whatever kind of food fits your fancy. The servers are friendly and easy to have a conversation with. Plus, they bring you small cookies with a fortune in them with the bill! It’s a win win!


Overall pros: There is a huge variety of food, so if you don’t know what you want going in, you’ll have plenty of choices to make by the time you leave. There are vegetarian options as well, the same as the regular price. The price for a lunch meal is $7.89 and dinner is $9.89, both before tax a little stretching of the broke-college-kid budget, but still doable.
Overall cons: This place is a little tricky to get to. Located at 1310 W 38th St. in Marion, it’s easy to drive by if you’re not looking for it, even though it’s a huge building. There isn’t a whole lot of decor when it comes to design inside the building, so be sure to bring someone to have fun with you when you go out, and you’ll have a solid time.

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