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Spice up your day with a trip to El Taco Express

El Taco Express offers a bright and welcoming environment to customers who are looking for a quality taco.

By Chrysa Keenon| Echo

Looks can be deceiving, but that should never stop you from trying to get a taste for good food. It is easy to drive right by El Taco Express on your average trip to Buffalo Wild Wings, but stopping there for a taco or two can make the rest of your day a lot spicier.

El Taco Express is not that much to look at on the outside. Inside the restaurant there is a large seating area with a variety of booths and tables. Each table is quickly served chips and two types of salsa for your taste buds to go exploring. Even though there is not a lot of decor, bring a few friends to liven up the experience while you chose to order.

The restaurant prides itself in having authentic Mexican food. (Yes, that means you have to ask for flour tortillas.) All of the food is made fast, but that does not mean it is poor quality. Large burritos bulge with ingredients and the tacos are deliciously spiced. The tacos are small, so ordering more than one is always a good idea. Ordering one burrito and taco gives you the best of both worlds and fills you up fast, so do not try to go to Crossfit after.

El Taco Express is located at 1046 N Baldwin Ave., Marion, Indiana, and is open from 10 a.m.– 9:30 p.m. Monday–Saturday, and 10 a.m.–9 p.m. on Sunday.

Overall Pros: This restaurant is the spot to go when you want authentic Mexican. The food is great and the price runs incredibly cheap — burritos are generally around $5.99–$6.99 and the tacos range from $1.89–$2.25. There are a lot of varieties of meat and ingredients to choose from, so overall it is definitely better than hitting up Taco Bell.

Overall Cons: Like said earlier, this restaurant does not offer much when it comes to decor. If you bring friends, the dull atmosphere can be transformed into a fun environment.

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