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The Flirting Power of Emojis

Valentine’s Day the text-y way

By Braden Ochs | Contributor

It’s Valentine’s Day. And in the age of technology, we have to find creative ways to communicate romantically. Here are a few ways to let that special person know you care . . . because an emoji is worth a thousand words, right?

1. The basketball

It goes something like this: “If you were a basketball, I’d never shoot.” Why? “Because I’d always miss you.” It’s terribly cheesy, but you know the girl/guy would be interested if that pick-up line worked.

2. The investigator with magnifying glass

If they hate the pick-up line, maybe it’s time to try a simpler approach. Sneak this into a text conversation. If he/she asks why you sent that specific emoji, then it’s your time to say: “You are the one I’ve been looking for. God has been giving me so many clues.”

3. The heart

I bet you think you already know where this is going. It’s so cliché. But are you ready to be faked out? First, you give them the emoji. Then, you express the heart using words: “I’m not an organ donor, but I would be more than happy to give you my heart.”

4. The bomb

This one will help you pull off the classic, “You da bomb.” I’m sure you already know about this one though, so let’s skip this “a-bomb-ination.”

5. The cat

“You are the cat’s meow!” Okay, I know you’ve heard that one too, but I’ll bet you that emojis will be more effective in expressing this glorious feeling in your stomach.

6. The turtle

This one can be powerful if used right. “I will protect your heart like a shell protects a turtle.” Or, for the geeks in the audience: “I can be your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, baby.”

7. The mountain

If your crush likes the outdoors, then it’s time to try this: “I would hike Mt. Everest for you.” It will mean so much, especially if you hate hiking.

8. The star

This one’s easy. “You’re a star.” And if they need more context, send them the lyrics to the Coldplay song.

“Cause you’re a sky, cause you’re a sky full of stars

I’m gonna give you my heart

‘Cause you’re a sky, cause you’re a sky full of stars

‘Cause you light up the path”

Seriously though, this is a good one. Especially if they love Coldplay.

9. The bullseye

“You are the girl/guy I’ve been aiming for.” Then, you two can go shopping at Target after you fall in love. Emojis come with some hot benefits.

10. The microphone

“When I first saw you, my heart sang so vibrantly and beautifully. This microphone represents my ever-singing love for you, and I hope that my heart can sing like that forever.” This is my favorite one. I wouldn’t use this one until the time is right. But you’ll know when that is.

There you have it. All the conversation starters you need for a romance. This might be cheesy, but cheesy is perfect for this holiday. Good luck and have a magical Valentine’s Day!


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