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FiTU: holistic fitness for faculty

Taylor introduces new employee wellness program

Taylor Budzikowski | The Echo

Taylor has started fresh with the new FiTU Employee Wellness Program due to low participation in the previous program, Healthy Habits. Faculty and staff are encouraged by the program to model healthy lifestyles to their students.

Josh Fuder helps train students in fitness and health living.

Josh Fuder helps train students in health living.

During the 2017–2018 school year, only 20 percent of eligible employees participated in the wellness program because it was confusing in nature. The new Employee Wellness Program hopes to increase Taylor employee and spouse participation through a holistic approach to healthy living, monetary incentives and weekly meetings with a Wellness Coach.

During the fiscal year of June 1, 2018 – May 31, 2019, employees enrolled in the Taylor  health plan can receive a $75.00 wellness incentive when they participate in a blood draw and visit their family physician. Staff and faculty can receive an additional $75.00 wellness incentive if they meet with Wellness Coach Eric Manor to discuss short and long-term health goals.

“They really wanted to encourage that first step of getting the bloodwork done and completed and meeting with their physician along with utilizing their wellness coach,” Manor said.

Manor is on campus every Thursday to support faculty and staff. Employees can schedule one-on-one appointments with Manor who works as a Parkview Health employee out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The new Employee Wellness Program will focus on mind, body, spirit and community.

“They have really exhibited what it looks like to live a righteous life that physically, mentally and spiritually does glorify the Lord through their bodies,” senior Sara Bergen said.

Bergen described how her professors modeled a healthy lifestyle to her throughout her time at Taylor as a student in the exercise science department.

The program provides Taylor faculty and staff the opportunity to improve their overall health and fitness. In addition, the program educates employees on health insurance benefits and retirement plans.

According to Manor, increased faculty and staff participation is a short-term goal of the employee wellness program.

“Long-term, we are looking to encourage employees and spouses to be their best self and to really understand that lifestyle decision affects a lot of different areas of your life,” Manor said.

The FiTU Employee Wellness Program provides employees the resources they need to live healthy lifestyles and promotes the holistic wellness of the Taylor community.

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