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Exploring a life of faith and miracles

A tale of surprising salvation and relationship

Discover modern day miracles. (Photograph provided by Aubree DeVisser)

Discover modern day miracles.
(Photograph provided by Aubree DeVisser)

By Aubree DeVisser | Contributor

“Detours to Destiny” is a fascinating memoir of Elling B. Halvorson’s life as a businessman who also strived to pursue ministry in his work. Each chapter holds unbelievable, intriguing evidence of the tenacity and integrity that Halvorson has shown throughout his life.

He tells stories of Halvorson construction, a company he started in the early 1960s, which led him to complete a construction project in some of the deepest parts of the Grand Canyon. He describes the seven miracles that allowed him to survive a deadly helicopter accident in the Grand Canyon in 1965 and many other challenges and risks he has overcome.

Papillon Airways, a new business venture in the Grand Canyon which supplied helicopter tours of the Canyon, was founded by Halvorson in 1965. Stories of high risk and seemingly impossible tasks fill this memoir and become an inspiration for the reader. From flying a plane over the Pacific ocean with no radio or radar and a limited supply of fuel to punching in a road up Echo summit, this memoir offers story after story of intense real-life situations.

Halvorson also shares a time when he attempted to choose between ministry or business. However, he decided his work in business could be a ministry and it wasn’t a choice he had to make. His many detours are something he uses to represent the importance of God and family in the midst of life’s trials.

“Detours to Destiny” portrays Halvorson’s personal relationship with God. He offers countless examples of moments when he found himself alone, with nobody to comfort him but God. His dedication to allowing the job he loved to also be a form of ministry is a great reminder for everyone reading that God can use us right where we are. Halvorson’s love and respect for his family are inspiring for readers of any age to love unconditionally and keep family first.

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