An evening of art
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An evening of art

Fall senior art show takes place tonight at Abbey Coffee

By Austin Lindner | Echo

Twenty: the end of the teenage years, the definition of “score” (“fourscore years ago . . .”), the total number of racetracks in “Super Mario Kart.”

Twenty is also the title senior art majors have declared for their student-run art show. The event represents a fusion of art styles and mediums, with only one thing tying it all together—20.

This number repeats throughout the show in numerous forms. One student created a table of 20 pieces of wood, while others reflect it in individual images.

“That’s sort of our unifying factor,” said senior Isaac Gilmore, one of the artists involved. “We all have works that are 20 parts or contain the number 20 in some way.”

Senior 2D art major Sarah Cook acted as the show’s curator. She worked with the rest of the students to organize, advertise and develop the show without help from faculty.

“Making 20 small works was an opportunity for us to process and explore ideas that we’re thinking of for where our work is heading, so the show has a more experimental flavor,” Cook said.

The nine seniors in the show possess distinct artistic directions and expertise, yet have worked together to display 180 works, including paintings, furniture design, photography and other interactive mediums.

According to the artists, the experience gave them more opportunities to collaborate and develop their personal artistic styles in a public setting.

“I think it’s nice that we developed the whole show on our own,” Gilmore said. “We went through every little detail. And having a show in the community is a nice step out of only doing art in an educational sense.”

In addition to the featured artwork, the exhibition will feature live music performances from junior Taylor Hughes and sophomore Nick Chiodras.

Chiodras, also an art major, will DJ the event. He sees the opportunity to participate in the show as a privilege.

“It’s always super inspiring, knowing that these people were freshmen art majors at one point, and seeing these incredible works of where they are now,” Chiodras said. “It’s almost like walking on sacred ground, to be there playing music while people are looking at their art.”

“Twenty” opens tonight at Abbey Coffee Co. in Marion at 6 p.m. Live music begins at 7 and continues until 9. The art will remain on display at the Abbey for the rest of November.

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