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Etiquette Dinner teaches students table manners

The CCO office presents an event

Ethan Rice | Echo

In a classic scene from countless movies, men and women in their finest dress parade into a grand banquet hall. A live band plays as they tip their hats and exchange greetings before the meal begins. The room is practically overflowing with an air of sophistication, a feeling of etiquette.

What exactly is etiquette, though? An upcoming event hosted by the Calling and Career Office (CCO) aims to not only help students learn the answer, but to refine this set of skills to help them in their search for careers.

Etiquette, as found in the dictionary, is defined as the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group. The word derives from a French term used to describe the ceremonial observances of a royal court.

Within our culture, these sets of unofficial rules cover all manner of social events. The annual CCO event specifically focuses on formal dining etiquette.

“We want students to gain the skills they need to feel confident entering into a formal dining setting, but we also want them to have fun and enjoy a great meal with their friends,” assistant director for CCO Amber Stanley said.

CCO is preparing to teach students proper etiquette.

CCO is preparing to teach students proper etiquette.

Stanley is the coordinator for the event and would recommend the event to any student on campus as both a learning experience and a chance at a fancy social experience with friends. This view is shared by senior Plenseh-Tay Sakeuh, who is currently serving as an intern for CCO.

She also highlighted the chance to intermingle with faculty and staff, who are also invited to the dinner.

The dinner itself offers four courses including salad, soup, entree and dessert. Junior and catering manager Lynreshay Johnson has worked at the event for the last two years, serving food to the guests at their tables.

“It’s a really nice opportunity to learn which fork to use and when, how to have proper table manners and even how to use your utensils to give nonverbal signals to a waiter,” Johnson said.

While the registration has closed for this year’s dinner, which will take place the evening of April 10 at 6 p.m., it will return again next year for any student interested in the ins and outs of high class dining.

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