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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Getting to know your new home

By LeighAnn Wolle | Echo

English Hall:

Tori Guilford – juniorenglish_ehorb

“English is unique because of the suite-style rooms. The living area feels like a really welcoming place for people from your own wing, other wings and even other dorms to come and spend time. It’s also a great place to do homework and watch movies with other women on the wing.”

Hannah Boy – senior

“I love how I can be sitting in the suite and someone will join me and I have a study partner or someone to talk to. I love the homey atmosphere. I love how one suite is having a party and the next is full of people studying.”

Katie Tupper and Sarah Wenger – sophomores

“We want our room to be welcoming with lots of places to sit.”


Wengatz Hall:

Josh Craton – hall director

“Wengatz is a warm (in more ways than one … shout out to no A/C) and wengetz_ehorbinviting hall. Doors are regularly left open, creating a shared space that encourages deepening relationships and making new friends. The long, straight hallways also make every room feel like an equal part of the community—it’s hard to go unnoticed.”

Grason Poling – senior

“I love the Wengatz front porch. It can be an immensely tranquil setting at just the right time of day. I choose to live in Wengatz because the men that inhabit this place are some of the most sincere neighbors I have had. My favorite tradition on Third East Wengatz is our annual Future Great Dads of America open house, without a doubt. Coming to you this October.”

Davis Weerheim – senior

“Last semester, our room was concealed, so people weren’t encouraged to come in. I’m a PA and Jonathan (his roommate) is the tennis captain, so we wanted our room to be inviting.”


Breuninger Hall:

Sarah Smith – senior

“I am a senior so my freshman year was when Breu first opened. That year, a ton oenglish_ehorbf freshmen lived in Breu. I actually lived in another dorm but met some of the awesome freshmen in Breu my first year. They were very welcoming and fun and I loved the depth of relationship they shared. So, after I studied abroad the fall of my sophomore year, I moved to Breu in the spring!”

Sarah Smith – senior

“My favorite thing about Breu is the floor sizes. I love that there are 50 girls/guys on a floor because it brings a diverse group of people with different backgrounds and perspectives to our communities. My favorite Breu tradition is probably the patriotic Red, White and Breu open house.”

Sydney Wagoner – junior

“The one thing that I really like about my floor (in Breu) is that we are all a family; we’re sisters. We all take care of each other spiritually, physically and socially and we all love each other.”

Sarah Davis – junior

“With our setup we tried to make a lot of space for people, so I love that our home feels open and as inviting as a little dorm can feel.”


Les Gerig Hall:

Alyssa Henrikson – junior

“My favorite thing about Gerig is the suite setup. The sGerig_ehorbuite setup gives a very good place for homework, community and fun. Many of my most cherished memories of Taylor have taken place in a Gerig suite. I feel loved and accepted in Gerig. There is a pretty wide variety of people, and I feel like it is easy to be myself. It quickly became a home to me.”

Zachary Levin – junior

“I love Gerig because we are a family. We are a dorm that builds friendships between floors. We all bring different experiences from our lives together, so we’re a melting pot of personalities. We have disagreements sometimes, but in the end we still love each other and the community that we have built together.

Reece McCart – senior

“The guy who lived in this room before me cut out a carpet to fit the size of the room. The Snoopy puzzle makes it feel more like home.”


Bergwall Hall:

Peyton Smith – sophomore

“Bergwall often gets the stereotype of the athletic dorm that’s pampered withberg_ehorb their own bathroom and connection to the DC, but more than that we are a family. Bergwall is full of diverse student groups from internationals to athletes to writers to video game lovers, but somehow we all mesh.”

Lincoln Reed – senior

“Living in Bergwall is ideal for the student athlete. You’re connected to the DC, next to the KSAC and within walking distance of all practice and games. Besides a longer walk to class, there isn’t a downside to living in Bergwall.”

Mackenzie Taylor – junior

“We arranged the furniture so people can face each other. The fabrics and colors make it feel homey.”


Grace Olson Hall:

Lauren Bournique, assistant hall director

“I lived all four years in Olson when I was a student here at Taylor Universityolson_ehorb. The community within Olson greatly shaped my life, as I was impacted by the variety of women from different backgrounds. My relationship with Jesus was transformed through the women I lived with as we weekly did life together through small groups, chapel, dinners, retreats, pick-a-dates, etc. Now getting to be the assistant hall director of this dorm, I get to be a part of living life with a hall of women who are on a journey of finding their identity in Christ and whatthis looks like. It is an honor to be a part of an institution that seeks to promote both faith and learning.”

Nina Siems – sophomore

“I love that Olson has such an encouraging, challenging and loving community that desires to live each day out for Jesus to the fullest.”

Annika Noetzel – sophomore

“We like feeling cozy in our movie area. We like having the window clear—it makes the room feel open and natural.”


Samuel Morris Hall:

Connor Scott – sophomoresammy_ehorb

“I really enjoy living in Sammy because the community that I share with others is so diverse and beautiful. It really is a place where we wrestle with hard issues and come together to build one another up. The community doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

Matthew Storrer – senior

“Being on Sammy feels like being a part of something bigger than myself, especially being on a floor with so much history (BroHo). All-floor events are crazy fun for the same reason. It’s something you can’t experience in many other areas of life.

Andrew Metz – sophomore

“America is my home.”


Swallow Robin Hall:

Anna Hertzler – sophomore

“My favorite thing about Swallow Robin is the fact that isrobbin_ehorbt is such a tight-knit community. I love that by the end of the year, every face and usually every name is familiar. It creates a genuine family atmosphere among the students to know that they are known. You can plan on a welcoming committee in the lobby every time you walk in.”

Ian Proano – senior

“I love Swallow Robin. It’s like if Santa left his crazy elves to their own devices far away from civilization. In our North Pole, we’re far enough away from everyone else that we’ve become mere myth on campus. And it should stay that way.”


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