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“Don’t kick this bucket” list

What to do before leaving the cornfields

By Gabby Carlson | Echo

A group of random students were asked what they want to do before they leave Taylor University. This was compiled into a “bucket list” for future generations to have for their personal use. Some had to consider the question for the first time, and some seemed like they had been planning their bucket list adventure since day one. Add to, subtract from and read through these ideas, and make sure your plans are legal before experimenting.

1. “One thing on my Taylor University bucket list is to ‘tolf.’ I’ve never done it before, and it looks like a lot of fun.” (Tia Etter: senior, English Hall)

2. “I’d love to see the inside of the president’s office.” (Grason Poling: senior, Wengatz Hall)

3. “On my Taylor University bucket list is to climb the Randall roof.” (Micaela Christensen: senior, Wolgemuth Hall)

4. “I would really like to go to the top of Euler and see the entire campus from that perspective. It’s a really cool building.” (Andrew Rieck: freshman, Samuel Morris Hall)

5. “On my Taylor University bucket list, I want to ask the Friday guy why he’s wearing his shirt.” (Kait Bedel: sophomore, English Hall)

6. “Something on my list is to be part of the narrative class I get to do this upcoming spring where we get to make a short film with other people in the class. It’s pretty exciting, so stay tuned.” (Cam Glass: senior, off-campus)

7. “To be on the ESPN special for Silent Night.” (Nathan Shelton: senior, Wengatz Hall)

8.  “To get on top of every building on campus.” (Drew Decker: fifth-year senior, off-campus)

9. “I would want to find the biggest hill on campus and have a huge slip-n-slide party.” (Jordan Hunsberger: junior, Wengatz Hall)

10. “So, something that’s on my Taylor bucket list is (I want) to bring more cultural awareness and expose more of the Taylor students to issues like race and gender. I know the guys in the majority of the residence halls don’t talk about issues relating to gender, so I would say that is one thing to promote more awareness and to challenge students as well as faculty in diversity training. Then they will be better equipped to teach students about various ethnic backgrounds.” (Trayvon Estey: junior, Bergwall Hall)

11. “While I’m at Taylor, I want to be in Airband. (Jessie Woodring: MAHE, off-campus)

12. “Play spikeball in the middle of the football field.” (Tyler Davis: junior, Wengatz Hall)

13. “Not sure this is allowed, but I want to find the Taylor tunnels and crawl through them, or walk through them or whatever you do. So, that would be fun.” (Abby Palmisano: senior, Wolgemuth Hall)

And a word from Jay Kesler on what should be on every Taylor student’s bucket list:

Dr. Jay Kesler: “I think the key is making friends that are lifelong friends while you’re at Taylor. The key to it is, want a friend, be a friend. If you ask them their name and where they’re from, you’ll find most people want you for their friend; they just don’t tell you. So, want a friend, be a friend.” (former Taylor University president, 1985–2000)


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