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The ‘Destiny’ of FPS games

Latest in the Halo series introduces a whole new way to game

By Katelyn S. Irons | Echo

The makers of the hit game series “Halo” are at it again, pouring more than $500 million into the launch of their next epic, “Destiny,” according to The Verge. This game seems similar to “Halo” in concept, with similar terrain (post-apocalypse) and extraterrestrial beings who have turned against humanity. But “Destiny” has the potential to change the face of gaming forever.

“Destiny” is the perfect combination of beautifully designed graphics and a concept that could become the next cult hit. While the story is similar to other first person shooters (FPS), “Destiny” introduces endless possibilities. These appear in the depth of character choices: three races, three classes and hundreds of abilities to upgrade for differing skills. The armory has a wide spectrum of weapons to choose from, all upgradeable and with interesting details like art deco rifles or an assault rifle built into a sword, according to The Guardian.

The key detail in “Destiny” is the innovation behind the way you play. Instead of being a typical FPS, which travels through the storyline without overlapping to co-op worlds, this video game overlaps all gaming types: single-player, co-op and multiplayer. “Destiny” is being called a “shared world shooter,” which creates an endless environment of changeable online missions and plot.

“Destiny” emphasizes the social aspect of gaming.

“You level cap quickly, but once you’re there, the game is more about equipping the gear that lets you go deeper into the game,” said lead designer Tyson Green to The Guardian. “Equipping better abilities . . . is a longer-tail process that takes some time.”

“Destiny” will launch on Sept. 9 for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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