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December meth lab raid

Taylor officers assist in Upland drug bust

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 9.55.47 AMBy Marian Douglas |Echo

Five Grant County residents were arrested in connection to a methamphetamine lab discovered in a downtown Upland apartment.

Grant County’s Joint Effort Against Narcotics (J.E.A.N.) Team had been investigating a ring of methamphetamine distributors in Upland. Multiple agencies assisted in making the arrests, including members of the Upland police, state troopers and Taylor University’s Campus Police.

Taylor University’s Deputy Chief of Police Tim Enyeart and Officer Bob Everling were the first to enter and secure the apartment.

“A lot of things happened at the same time,” Enyeart said. This included Upland police pulling over a vehicle believed to be related to the drug bust. “Before releasing that vehicle, they (the J.E.A.N. Team) wanted to serve the search warrant, and they were looking for uniformed officers for that.”

Enyeart and Everling served Kori Winger, the resident of the apartment, with a search warrant on Dec. 1. She and Todd Hamilton, also present at the apartment, were arrested on charges related to the distribution and production of meth.

Enyeart referred to this situation as unique. “It’s quiet here on the Taylor campus for the most part,” he said. Taylor officers often assist local agencies. “But it’s usually not serving a search warrant. That was the first time I’ve done this off campus.”

According to a Chronicle-Tribune article from Dec. 23, three more people—Joscelyn Bounds, James Funk and Santana Kindle—were arrested by Upland officers from traffic stops en route to the apartment. Funk and Hamilton have since been released. Bounds, Kindle and Winger face trial later this year. All three violated parole with their involvement in this meth lab.

Members of the state police entered and removed all items related to meth production from the apartment after the arrests were made. According to a SEGway News article from Dec. 15, the apartment is owned by a local family, who are now responsible for deep cleaning the apartment. The owners are working to ensure the apartment is decontaminated from side effects of meth production with the supervision of the Health Department.

Detective Sergeant Josh Zigler of the J.E.A.N. Team says that shutting down this meth lab has removed a significant danger from the Upland community. “There is a high possibility of sudden fires due to the volatile chemicals being used, as well as explosions,” he said. “In addition, the clientele who frequent these labs can often be dangerous.”

Zigler points out that it is important for members of the community to be able to recognize signs of drug abuse. The J.E.A.N. Team uses tips provided by the community. They encourage anyone who sees suspicious activities to call 765-664-0019.


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