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Daniel McHenney steals the show

The boy in four Airbands

Daniel McHenney (left) dances in Second West Olson’s Airband performance in 2018.

By Lily Smith | Echo

One student. Four Airband acts.

Junior Daniel McHenney has attempted something that most Taylor students would not dare to dream of doing. He is participating in four Airband acts this Saturday night.

This is not McHenney’s first rodeo when it comes to the annual Airband competition. His freshman year, he was in just one Airband with Third Center Olson participating as a band member. His sophomore year, he joined two acts, Second West Olson and Gerig. This year, he made it into four.

“The goal was to do one more each year, but I was afraid that I wouldn’t get in all three with disqualifications during auditions,”said McHenney. “I did a fourth one as a backup.”

McHenney did not come into school as a freshman with any Airband aspirations, but when his freshman and sophomore years passed by and there seemed to be a trend, he decided to follow through and continue the pattern by doing more Airband performances every year.

This year, he is in the performances of Gerig, 2WO, 3WO, and 2 Breu. He is in the band for 3WO and 2 Breu, and dancing for Gerig and 2WO. McHenney luckily avoided any quick costume changes, since all of his acts are spaced out throughout the night.

He only has positive things to say about all the different acts that he is involved with this year

“Second West Olson has a theme that I just love. It’s Phineas and Ferb, that’s like my childhood so I’m excited for that,” McHenney said. “Third West Olson has some really great moves, I love what they’ve done with it. Gerig’s is creative and I like the ending for it. 2 Breu also has a really creative idea and it’s really fun to drum out to it.”

While the running joke is that he will continue the pattern and double the amount of Airband performances that he makes an appearance in next year, bringing it to a total of eight, McHenney has a different vision for next year’s event. His goal is to be an MC next year, and he is excited about the prospect of replacing eight acts with a fun substitute.

McHenney loves Airband and the community of it. He has enjoyed the atmosphere in Cornwall Auditorium during the actual event in the past few years, clapping and cheering as people enter and exit to perform.

“There’s so many people and we’re all cheering each other on,” McHenney said. “We watch the performances on the big screen and it’s really fun.”

Be sure to look out for him and cheer him on this Saturday night!

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