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The coffee drink debate

With so many coffee houses in the area, how will you choose?

By Hannah Stumpf | Echo

For as small as Upland is, the surrounding community has a high coffee shop to person ratio. With so many choices, it can be hard to know which coffee shop has the best latte, drip brew or frappuccino. Luckily, Taylor University is home to quite a few coffee enthusiasts.

The ultimate standoff: The Bean and Starbucks. (Photograph by Ellie Bookmyer)

The ultimate standoff: The Bean and Starbucks. (Photograph by Ellie Bookmyer)

But is the University the only reason that there are so many coffee shops in the area? Not necessarily so. “Morning Sky” by Hubbard and Cravens is a roast from Indianapolis that can be found at The Jumping Bean. Sophomore Isaac Bowser feels The Bridge finds it strength in hiring baristas from outside of the immediate Taylor community. At the end of the day, coffee has a way of drawing people closer together.

“To me, coffee shops are much like a dining room table,” junior Crysta Haynes said. “They are a place for people to gather. If you have ever heard a sermon or just anyone speak on coming to the table, I believe there is something almost sacred about meeting together with others . . . when we intentionally slow down to get coffee with someone we are saying to them, ‘I am here for you’.”

Now that the “how” and “why” are established, it’s time to begin this drink debate.

The Jumping Bean

Strengths: Some students enjoy the Bean’s grab-and-go nature. Plus, it is located on campus. Great drinks on campus.

Weaknesses: Some students may want an atmosphere that encourages socializing and staying for a while.

The Bridge Cafe

Strengths: Bowser was encouraged to try something new because The Bridge has very active social media accounts.

”I follow them (The Bridge) on Instagram, and they’re always posting about a special item for the day,” Bowser said. “I saw the picture of their hot apple cider and thought, ‘Oh, better go try that!’”

The Bridge is also known for its seasonal drinks and allergen-friendly menu.


Better plan to be there between rush hours. The Bridge is known to fill up fast.

Joe on the Go

Strengths: Joe on the Go is known for sweet drinks, including their iced lattes. “ . . . I also love to go there to study because they have the big conference rooms that you can go and study in,” said sophomore Megan Harrison.

Weaknesses: If you are looking for a cafe with an established aesthetic, look elsewhere. Joe on the Go is fairly new and still working out its kinks.

Starbucks in Gas City

Strengths: “I am a big fan of their seasonal drinks,” Harrison said. “. . . Their salted caramel mocha is my favorite. (I get one every day while they are in season)”  Harrison said.

Weaknesses: Students who wish to support smaller, local businesses should look elsewhere.

The Abbey Coffee Shop and Roastery

Strengths: The Abbey roasts its own coffee.

Weaknesses: “The Abbey doesn’t really have any food; can’t really compare there,” Bowser said. “I think they could be a little more diverse. They just have espresso drinks.”

The location might deter students who do not want to drive to Marion for a cup of coffee.

With as many options as there are, there is sure to be something for everyone nearby. Take this as an opportunity to try something for the first time. A new favorite may be waiting to be discovered. Gather some friends for studying, a homework break and as always, a friendly debate about the age-old cream/sugar question is always welcome.

Need directions?


Abbey Coffee Shop and Roastery

Address: 1500 S Western Ave. Marion, IN 46953


Tuesday 7AM–9PM
Wednesday 7AM–9PM
Thursday 7AM–9PM
Friday 7AM–9PM
Saturday 8AM–9PM
Sunday 2PM-6PM
Monday 7AM–9PM


The Bridge Cafe

Address: 138 N Main St. Upland, IN 46989


Tuesday 8AM–9PM
Wednesday 8AM–9PM
Thursday 8AM–9PM
Friday 8AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–9PM
Sunday 12–8PM
Monday 8AM–9PM


Joe on the Go

Address: 28 East Berry Ave.Upland, IN 46989


Tuesday  7AM-9PM

Wednesday  7AM-9PM

Thursday  7AM-9PM

Friday  7AM-9PM

Saturday  7AM-9PM

Sunday 8AM-9PM

Monday 7AM-9PM


The Jumping Bean

Address: 236 West Reade Ave. LaRita Boren Campus Center, Upland, IN 46989


Tuesday 7:30AM–10PM
Wednesday 7:30AM–10PM
Thursday 7:30AM–10PM
Friday 7:30AM–12AM
Saturday 1PM–12AM
Sunday 7AM–10PM
Monday 7:30AM–10PM



Address: 4970 Beaner Blvd. Gas City, IN 46933


Tuesday 5AM–10PM
Wednesday 5AM–10PM
Thursday 5AM–10PM
Friday 5AM–10PM
Saturday 5:30AM–10PM
Sunday 5:30AM–10PM
Monday 5AM–10PM

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