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The closed house

Finding zen after the open house

By Chrysa Keenon | Echo

The aux cord is unplugged. The last crumbs of food are grabbed by passersby or by members of the wing. While strings of lights dangle, waiting to be relieved, the last few visitors filter out the doors. Open house are finally over.

Now what?

Christmas open houses are a stressful time for most wings and dorms on campus. Between planning, decorating, finding the perfect costume and baking twelve sheets of brownies, the breath after the event is one of relief. Once you have free time on your hands, you might jump straight to your homework, but here are some other things to try before you get your head back in the “spirit” of dead week.

  1. Enjoy the decorations for a few days. You worked long and hard on those paper snowflakes: they deserve a little more shelf life than just a day or two. Leaving the decorations on the walls of your wing can bring some much needed holiday cheer to the dorm. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos!chrysa_bolds
  2. Eat leftover snacks. Feel free to chow down on those cookies and drink all the punch you can stand. Seriously, if you don’t do it, no one will.
  3. Watch Christmas movies with your floor or wing. After the people are gone, it’ll feel a little lonely in the halls. Gather everyone together and put on a holiday film to celebrate in the aftermath.
  4. Sleep. Sleeping is one of the many things the human body needs but not one that is often achieved during open house week. Most people wait until the day after the open house for the tedious task of tearing down the decorations in order to get back on a regular sleep schedule. Feel free to do that!

Open houses are memorable enough, but “Closed” house memories are just as fun to make!

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