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Class gifts receive mixed reviews

Mugs and t-shirts for all

By Caroline Shapley | Echo

Sophomore Madi Williams smiles with the sophomore class mug which received mixed reviews from recipients.

For the past two weeks, freshmen, sophomore and junior students have been able to pick up a class gift from the Office of Alumni Relations. This gift is a coffee mug created individually for each class.

In previous years, each class received a different gift. Dara Berkhalter, executive director of parent and alumni relations, brought an idea suggested to her that an alumni had noticed from another college; each class getting a mug as a yearly gift. So at graduation they left with a collection of mugs. She incorporated this idea for class gifts this year, however, seniors receive t-shirts.

“The reason they get the t-shirt is to welcome them into the alumni network, and we do a little event that goes with it when they become a senior too,” Berkhalter said.

Junior Caitlin Jaques exudes the joy that comes with receiving the junior class mug.

Leslie Clouse, senior graphic design major, works in the Alumni Relations Office. She had the chance to design some various Taylor apparel and items. Clouse offered her creativity and skill to design the senior t-shirts. From there, she worked on designs for the other class gifts. Berkhalter worked to oversee the design and production process. Through office collaboration, different types of mugs were paired with a unique design. Student input was then taken into consideration as to which mug would be selected for which class.

Many students have picked up class mugs and were eager to express feedback. Freshman Sarah Gorski is thankful for the alumni giving back and the mug for soup or ramen usage. Noah Corsten, junior, likes the mug because it gets the job done for sipping coffee.

However, some feedback left suggestions for improvement.

Freshman Ruth Brown displays the simple black freshman class mug.

“I liked the junior class’s a lot better,” said sophomore Makenzie Williams. “It seemed like a lot better quality. People that I talked to that got the sophomore mugs, a lot of their stickers have already come off, like the little logo.”

Mugs left unclaimed do not go wasted. Extra mugs are given as gifts to alumni and chapel speakers.

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