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Hacking the fridge

By Chrysa Keenon | Echo

Chrysa Keenon is the woman around the corner writing bi-weekly for Life & Times. Twice a month, she will be writing tips, tricks and hacks on how to thrive as a college student in an expensive and fast-paced world.

“Columns by Chrysa are right around the corner”

“Columns by Chrysa are right around the corner” (Provided by Chrysa Keenon)

It’s the one thing college kids can’t ignore: food. Cravings turn cruel when you’re on a budget, and the human race often gets the most creative when limited to certain outcomes. (Or in this case, calories.) Here are some game-changing food hacks to try out the next time you are feeling adventurous in the DC.


1. The semester giving you stress headaches already? Eat a mint to relieve the pain. Stress tends to be less in those who use mints, so make sure to pop one in your mouth between classes!

 2. Add some rice to your meals. Rice is a great source of protein and is a key food in plenty of meals. It works for all times of the day—in the morning, add some milk. For lunch, mix seasonings in for flavor. For dinner, cook some chicken, and there you go! Rice is one of the cheapest healthy alternatives you can buy.

3. Plain ice cream at the DC getting a little old? Why not make your own milkshake? Scoop some ice cream into a cup then add roughly one cup of milk and stir vigorously. A smooth texture should result. Not shaken, but stirred!

4. If you’re anything like me or my roommate, you like to get the most popcorn out of each bag. But sometimes, the kernels on the bottom just won’t pop. Instead of throwing them away, save the unpopped kernels and pop them separately in a bowl covered with a plate.

5. Want to make every precious, perfectly yellow banana you come across last as long as possible? Wrap a small amount of plastic wrap around the top of the bananas. This trick keeps bananas fresh for three to five days longer than average!

6. Make your own delicious BLT or other warm sandwich simply by using the toaster! Put two slices of bread together in one toaster slot. This way, the two outsides of the bread get warm and toasted, while the inside stays soft.

7. Bakers, this one is for you! The next time you want to keep cookies or brownies moist overnight, put a single piece of bread in the container. The bread will dry, but your baked goods will stay fresh and yummy!

8. Did you know the easiest way to tell a serving size is by using your hand? Your palm is one serving size which accurately shows how much of a serving your body needs.  However, each person’s body has a different size and metabolism, so always be sure to be in tune with your stomach.


Never doubt your tummy. Trying out new ways to reinvent ordinary food items is sure to satisfy your craving for nourishment and adventure.

Tips 1, 3 and 6 from Buzzfeed’s “35 Clever Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life”

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