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Christmas Break Survival Guide

Don't be lonely this Christmas

By Alyssa Roat | Echo

Christmas break approaches, the merriest time of year!

    But there’s one thing you’ll be missing: your friends.

    So what do you do during Christmas break when you’re longing for your best buds? When the loneliness creeps in? When you can hardly remember what it’s like to speak with someone your age?

    Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


  • Text constantly.

If your fingers aren’t flying, do you really love your friends? When your family is sitting around the tree or at the dinner table, ignore them and keep up the conversations with your friends. It’s been two whole days since you’ve seen them, after all. For extra points, send some Snapchats with your family scowling in the background.


  • FaceTime without stop.

Your friends can be there with you! Nothing is more pleasant than hanging out with a person who carries on a FaceTime conversation everywhere they go. Bring your friend to the kitchen, the store, the bathroom. No one will mind.


  • Like every post on social media.

At Christmas dinner, you should be scrolling through Facebook at the speed of light, liking all of your friends’ pictures of their Christmas dinners, commenting with “So awesome!” and taking pictures yourself to post. Ignore your current festivities. Make sure you know exactly what all your friends are doing.


  • Talk about nothing but your college friends.

No one back home wants to talk about anything but your pals at college, we guarantee it. Don’t try to make new memories or catch up; be sure to remind everyone how much your friends mean to you.


  • Print out their pictures and stare at them.

The above may not be enough. You may have to take drastic action. Print out pictures of your friends and hang them up everywhere you can, no matter where you are.


  • Dress stuffed animals as your friends and hang out.

If you have some stuffed animals, you can paste pictures of your friends’ faces on them and set them up in a typical hang out spot. If anyone asks, you’re busy.


  • Return to college.

Finally, break will be over. You will return to college where you’ll greet your friends with exuberance. You’re all together again! Break was hard, but you’re back!


  • Long for break once again.

Oh, yeah. College means homework, deadlines and stress. And your friends are driving you nuts. And somehow, you don’t remember if you talked to your little sister at all… and did you ever meet up with your best friend from high school?

    Man, you can’t wait until spring break.


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