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Burmese students are looking to create an organization under the Asian Society for Intercultural Awareness. Photo by Jazmin Tuscani.

Burmese students start organization

Group celebrates Burmese cultureEla Alvarado | Contributor Burmese students seek to educate Taylor about their culture with a new organization. Students from Myanmar, a country in Southeast Asia, find themselves a minority at Taylor. The Burmese community on campus wants to bring a piece of their culture to the student […]

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Photo provided by Hollywood Reporter

Everything you missed during the Oscars

Keep up with the buzz after the Academy AwardsBy Emily Pawlowski | Echo History was made, hearts were broken and an Oscar winner was nearly concussed at the 2019 Academy Awards. Over 26 million people tuned in to this year’s ceremony, up 12 percent from last year. If you weren’t […]

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Drew Shriner poses with his Crocs.

Croc Thoughts

Finding space for spiritual disciplines By Drew Shriner | Echo I was at home this J-Term, working, reading and, surprisingly, taking a J-Term class. I had planned on the break being a time to rest before second semester, but I couldn’t keep myself away from the classroom and audited a […]

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Sophomore Leigh Sumner and Freshman Angela Loh show off their bowls before filling them with soup.

Empty Bowls raises money and awareness

Another Taylor World Outreach eventBy Ellie Tiemens | Staff Writer Chances are, if students are standing in a long line, it’s for a good reason. On Wednesday, Nov. 14, students stood in a line like this that stretched out the door of the Dining Commons. Why? For a bowl of […]

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Sophomore Victoria Lawson has had to learn how to overcome the struggles that dyscalculia, a common learning disorder, brings to her daily life.

Using resources and asking for help

One student’s learning disorder storyBy Madi Turpin | Contributor Although sophomore Victoria Lawson may struggle to perform long division, she graduated high school with above a 4.0 GPA and has gotten straight As in every subject matter aside from math. This is due to Lawson’s previous diagnosis of dyscalculia: a […]

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New communication professor, Dr. Timothy Berkey, shares his story of determination and devastation in this week’s Professor Profile.

Professor Profiles

Meet new communication professor Timothy BerkeyBy Victoria Lawson | Echo There it was. After sitting abandoned in a Texas barn for 20 years, $250 later, it was his. The black 1969 Volkswagen Beetle would need a lot of tender love and care, but Instructor of Communications Timothy Berkey knew he […]

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Foodie Fix

Foodie Fix

Spice up your day with a trip to El Taco ExpressBy Chrysa Keenon| Echo Looks can be deceiving, but that should never stop you from trying to get a taste for good food. It is easy to drive right by El Taco Express on your average trip to Buffalo Wild […]

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As the weather gets warm on campus, the longboards make a return appearance.

Spring things are happening (or should be)

Ways you can take advantage of this weatherBy Lauren Rink & Kassidy Weemhoff | Echo Keep an eye on campus events           Taylor often has outdoor events planned as a way to take advantage of the nice weather. Always be on the lookout for posters or announcements with details about upcoming events. […]

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Taylor Survival Guide

Taylor Survival Guide

How to do homework in peaceBy Alyssa Roat | Contributor The sounds of screams, yelling and thudding feet echo down the hallway. You ease your door shut, heart pounding, hoping they won’t come for you. No, this isn’t a scene from a horror movie. It’s everyday life in the dorms. College […]

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For Audre Book Club and Global Engagement held Women’s Week this week. (Photograph by Alicia Garnache)

Why have a Women’s Week?

Women’s Week was March 12–16By: Tiless Turnquest & Stephanie Mithika | Contributors Women’s Week began as a vision of the For Audre Book Club, which is a discussion-based group centered around gender, sexuality and identity development. Through collaboration with Global Engagement, Women’s Week came into fruition from March 12–16. We held […]

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