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Cindy serves a student in line for food in 2000. Provided by Ellie Herschberger

Dear Cindy

Love, Taylor UniversityKatherine Yeager | Echo Research contributed by: Annabelle Blair, Cassidy Grom, Ellie Hershberger, Becca Robb and Peyton Smith   Dear Cindy McWhirt, We were blessed to be served by you. A life spent in Grant County, from attending Wes-Del High School and Tucker Vocational School, to serving at Taylor […]

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Rachel Smith, professor of art at Taylor, lived in Mexico, Sudan and Pakistan during her childhood and college years. (Photo provided by Rachel Smith)

(Abroad)er vision

Professors and faculty members share stories about growing up and living overseasBy Hope Bolinger | Echo  Packing time. Airlines may only allow 50 lbs. for checked luggage, but these passengers carry more baggage in their eyelids than they do in their hands. Under drooping eyelashes, they lug conflict and international tensions. […]

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Joe Lund Retires

Joe Lund Retires

Professor of Psychology will relax and see where retirement takes himBy Annabelle Blair | Echo “At heart, I’m a sports psychologist, providing consultation in youth sports, coaching training and helping develop the person rather than the athlete.” In 1973, Joe Lund’s became a professor of social psychology when he was […]

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Neville won gold and bronze medals in the 2008 Olympics

Olympian Grit

Coach David Neville is going on FOX’s original TV show, “American Grit” By Connor Rowland | Contributor David Neville, already a highly decorated member of Taylor’s staff, continues adding accomplishments to his resume. Not every small NAIA school can boast a gold and bronze Olympic recipient head coach. Even fewer […]

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Molding young artists

Molding young artists

Art education majors teach weekly after-school art programBy Julia Oller | Echo Seven Taylor students sprinkled throughout Metcalf classrooms on Tuesday afternoons aren’t there to listen but to lecture. A part of the Elementary Methods class required for all art education majors, Art After School is a five-week art program […]

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Plan B can taken up to 72 hours after conception, a clear violation of an embryo’s rights in many Christian’s eyes.

The critical differences between ella and Plan B

The ACA mandate requires coverage of Plan B and ella. Taylor University opposes this view and its lawsuit reflects that decision. It views the embryo as life and should not be hurt by these contraceptives. Both disturb the embryo after conception.

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The Takeover

The Takeover

Five computer science seniors are developing drones that might one day deliver your textbooks, signal you at traffic stops or even bring your pizza to your doorstep. Read more here:

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Phu9bs meets Phubs

Phu9bs meets Phubs

Broho reunites with their roots By Malaina Yoder | Echo “We can’t tell you about that. It’s a secret.” This phrase is consistently repeated by the residents on the third floor of Samuel Morris, nicknamed The Brotherhood (Broho). A sworn secrecy surrounds their floor’s traditions, but there are a few […]

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Time doesn’t slow down until we rest.

The fleeting silence

Silence is a moment many long for but struggle to find through the sluggishness of a busy life. It is important to take the time for rest and peace as a reminder of stillness in God. We look to define ourselves by success but must remember God loves us no matter what.

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Roommate Conversations

Roommate Conversations

Make a great first impression on your roommate with these conversation starters.By Lindsay Robinson, Erin Fuhr & Gracie Fairfax | Life & Times  Welcome Weekend is a chaotic mix of new faces, lots of information and stress. On top of this organized chaos, you will also meet your new roommate, […]

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