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Drew Shriner poses with his Crocs.

Croc Thoughts

Finding space for spiritual disciplines By Drew Shriner | Echo I was at home this J-Term, working, reading and, surprisingly, taking a J-Term class. I had planned on the break being a time to rest before second semester, but I couldn’t keep myself away from the classroom and audited a […]

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Sophomore Leigh Sumner and Freshman Angela Loh show off their bowls before filling them with soup.

Empty Bowls raises money and awareness

Another Taylor World Outreach eventBy Ellie Tiemens | Staff Writer Chances are, if students are standing in a long line, it’s for a good reason. On Wednesday, Nov. 14, students stood in a line like this that stretched out the door of the Dining Commons. Why? For a bowl of […]

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Sophomore Victoria Lawson has had to learn how to overcome the struggles that dyscalculia, a common learning disorder, brings to her daily life.

Using resources and asking for help

One student’s learning disorder storyBy Madi Turpin | Contributor Although sophomore Victoria Lawson may struggle to perform long division, she graduated high school with above a 4.0 GPA and has gotten straight As in every subject matter aside from math. This is due to Lawson’s previous diagnosis of dyscalculia: a […]

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New communication professor, Dr. Timothy Berkey, shares his story of determination and devastation in this week’s Professor Profile.

Professor Profiles

Meet new communication professor Timothy BerkeyBy Victoria Lawson | Echo There it was. After sitting abandoned in a Texas barn for 20 years, $250 later, it was his. The black 1969 Volkswagen Beetle would need a lot of tender love and care, but Instructor of Communications Timothy Berkey knew he […]

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Foodie Fix

Foodie Fix

Spice up your day with a trip to El Taco ExpressBy Chrysa Keenon| Echo Looks can be deceiving, but that should never stop you from trying to get a taste for good food. It is easy to drive right by El Taco Express on your average trip to Buffalo Wild […]

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As the weather gets warm on campus, the longboards make a return appearance.

Spring things are happening (or should be)

Ways you can take advantage of this weatherBy Lauren Rink & Kassidy Weemhoff | Echo Keep an eye on campus events           Taylor often has outdoor events planned as a way to take advantage of the nice weather. Always be on the lookout for posters or announcements with details about upcoming events. […]

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Taylor Survival Guide

Taylor Survival Guide

How to do homework in peaceBy Alyssa Roat | Contributor The sounds of screams, yelling and thudding feet echo down the hallway. You ease your door shut, heart pounding, hoping they won’t come for you. No, this isn’t a scene from a horror movie. It’s everyday life in the dorms. College […]

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For Audre Book Club and Global Engagement held Women’s Week this week. (Photograph by Alicia Garnache)

Why have a Women’s Week?

Women’s Week was March 12–16By: Tiless Turnquest & Stephanie Mithika | Contributors Women’s Week began as a vision of the For Audre Book Club, which is a discussion-based group centered around gender, sexuality and identity development. Through collaboration with Global Engagement, Women’s Week came into fruition from March 12–16. We held […]

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Freshman Ruth Brown displays the simple black freshman class mug.

Class gifts receive mixed reviews

Mugs and t-shirts for allBy Caroline Shapley | Echo For the past two weeks, freshmen, sophomore and junior students have been able to pick up a class gift from the Office of Alumni Relations. This gift is a coffee mug created individually for each class. In previous years, each class received a […]

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Cindy serves a student in line for food in 2000. Provided by Ellie Herschberger

Dear Cindy

Love, Taylor UniversityKatherine Yeager | Echo Research contributed by: Annabelle Blair, Cassidy Grom, Ellie Hershberger, Becca Robb and Peyton Smith   Dear Cindy McWhirt, We were blessed to be served by you. A life spent in Grant County, from attending Wes-Del High School and Tucker Vocational School, to serving at Taylor […]

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