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Beyond Starbucks

By Erin Fuhr | Echo   The Abbey Coffee Company Vibe: LA hip Hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Location: Marion Already well-known to many Taylor kids, The Abbey Coffee Company feels like a warehouse and has a trendy, urban vibe. Exposed light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and chill music […]

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Off-Campus Culture

By Lindsay Robinson | Echo At Taylor, moving into a new dorm means adjusting to a new culture. Each residence hall has unique traits that students affectionately refer to as dorm stereotypes.  Although off-campus residences are mostly excluded from these labels, students who decide to live away from campus don’t leave […]

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Roommate Conversations

Roommate Conversations

Make a great first impression on your roommate with these conversation starters.By Lindsay Robinson, Erin Fuhr & Gracie Fairfax | Life & Times  Welcome Weekend is a chaotic mix of new faces, lots of information and stress. On top of this organized chaos, you will also meet your new roommate, […]

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An au pair summer

An au pair summer

Have you ever thought about being an au pair? Two Taylor students are travelling abroad this summer for the experience of a lifetime.

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“Hey Brandkamp, why are YOU wearing that shirt?”

“Hey Brandkamp, why are YOU wearing that shirt?”

Jeff Yoder’s journey with the Friday shirt is officially over. Last night he chose the new Friday guy. Curious about who it was? The Echo has all the details!

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Clau Viscarra and Dan Saldi lead the audience in a popular Brazilian dance entitled “Latin Beats.” (Photograph by Mel Kerigan)

A journey home

Intercultural students join together to celebrate their home cultures on Mosaic Night. The event begins with a Global Market, featuring food from around the world. Afterward, students will educate their classmates and friends about their homes through creative performances.

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‘Hey Yoder, why AREN’T you wearing that shirt?’

For three years, Jeff Yoder has hailed in the weekend as the Friday guy. But in a few weeks he will pack his bags and graduate. The tradition must live on and the shirt must be passed down. Meet the candidates and judge who best fits to be the next Friday guy.

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GALLERY: Spring Fashion Week 2014

Is your spring wardrobe feeling a little drab? Check out these students’ fashion for some inspiration.

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Carpenter’s Hands tackles house build

Carpenter’s Hands tackles house build

Taylor students often serve the community in a variety of ways, but this weekend a new opportunity is coming to town. Carpenter’s Hands and various volunteers will help out a needy family in a creative way. Check out their plan!

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The Seven-Day Difference

The Seven-Day Difference

Curious about Spring Break Missions? The impact of a culturally abroad week spreads much further than just a couple of students.

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