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Clad in tropical outfits and bright smiles, the Bohemians represented their country with an exciting performance.

Experiencing culture through performance

Mosaic Night entertains attendeesCaroline Shapley | Contributor Students, family and local community entered Rediger Chapel on Saturday evening. The attendees packed the seats, voices of anticipation and excitement filled the air. At 7 p.m. the lights dimmed and Mosaic Night began. Held every spring, Mosaic Night is an event of […]

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Taylor Survival Guide

Taylor Survival Guide

How to do homework in peaceBy Alyssa Roat | Contributor The sounds of screams, yelling and thudding feet echo down the hallway. You ease your door shut, heart pounding, hoping they won’t come for you. No, this isn’t a scene from a horror movie. It’s everyday life in the dorms. College […]

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Humans of TU

Humans of TU

When there is beauty in wrecked sandcastlesCarly Wheeler | Contributor The storm had finally passed. It was a new day.   Around 10:30 a.m., the normal routine commenced: chairs were brought out to the beach and set in a circle. Residents from the Ocean View group home eventually joined. Locals […]

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These students and faculty spent their week pouring into the community of Daytona Beach, Florida with intentional conversations and willing smiles.

Spring break missions breakdown

Students and faculty recount spring break missionCompiled by Kassidy Weemhoff & Lauren Rink | Echo   DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA: Alyssa Henrikson, senior Our team of 27 drove down to Daytona Beach, Florida, with the goal of bringing the love of Christ to a place that often feels dark and broken. Each […]

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Eric Moore, a MAHE student, shares his personal experience as an Airband participant.

Dances with wolves: one student’s perspective

MAHE student reflects on Airband experiencesBy Eric Moore | Contributor Early last spring, as Airband began to take over First West Wengatz, I was asked the fateful question: “Hey Erwok, do you want to do Airband with us?” Call it a lapse of insanity or divine inspiration, but I said yes. Now, […]

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Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders has a welcoming atmosphere for its customers.

Foodie Fix

Hot Grinders and cool atmosphere at Mancino’sBy Chrysa Keenon | Echo Let’s say this is you: you’ve tried all the grinders in the student center; you have them every night. They’re your favorite meal, but with only three flavors available, it’s just not as magical as it once was. You […]

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Sophomore Chad Veal enjoys the spring weather by running around Vayhinger Loop.

Students benefit from long distance running

They are not so crazy after allBy Drew Shriner| Echo Speakers often use running stories to illustrate an important point of their speech. The comparison of people being crazy to run is often heard, garnering polite chuckles from audiences nationwide. However, many do enjoy long-distance running. Even more shockingly, most […]

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anel Reichert poses as a student trapped in chilly Indiana for spring break.

Sometimes, spring break leaves you broken

Students share spring break horror storiesCompiled By Lauren Rink | Echo Spring break can be a time of good memories with friends or family. However, every so often, something out of the ordinary happens. Check out these stories from a few of your fellow Taylor students:   Brooke Harrison | Freshman […]

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Women discuss important topics and seek to empower one another at their weekly meeting in the OIP office.

Book club continues discussion beyond Women’s Week

A safe space to discuss intersectionalityBy Caroline Shapley & Victoria Lawson | Echo Women’s Week events were held on March 14 and 15, but the hosting club called For Audre hopes conversation will continue beyond Women’s History Month. For Audre, an initially exclusive book club for discussing women’s issues and intersectional […]

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Junior Will Kercher and freshman Zach Winters take their masters of ceremonies duty very seriously, copiously preparing the best jokes for the big night.

Announcing the masters of ceremonies

Preparing for an act out of this worldBy Caroline Shapley | Echo From script writing and thoughtful planning to rehearsing, the 2018 Airband masters of ceremonies’ (MCs’) plan is to take the audience on a trip that is out of this world with laughter. Junior Will Kercher and freshman Zach […]

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