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Senior Blake Wheeler intently listens to professor Michael Jessup in the debriefing session after the two-hour refugee simulation hosted by the Sociology department and Global Outreach. (Photo by Hannah Bolds)

Experiencing the unknown

Students participate in refugee simulation By Brianna Kudisch | Echo The room is dark. You start moving up the stairs, but you stumble because you can’t see. You cautiously make your way up, avoiding setting off a landmine that threatens to end your trip before it begins. When you finally […]

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The six Ecuadorian students part of Discover include: (L to R) Juan Vintimilla, Paulina Salamea, Belen Maldonado, Cristina Cordova, Rafaela Ruiz and Daniela Ledesma. (Photo provided by Juan Vintimilla)

A month in the states

Ecuadorian students share their experiences of Taylor By Aubree DeVisser | Echo “In the beginning I was not very sure about it, but then I convinced myself,” Daniella Ledesma, a sophomore business major, said. She might have been uncertain about coming to Taylor at first, but now she’s not quite […]

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Hurt’s heart

Hurt’s heart

Alum Mark Hurt shows his passion for missionsBy Katherine Yeager | Echo During a recent visit to Taylor’s campus, Mark Hurt (’85) shared his Taylor experience and heart: for missions, for ministry and for Christians in the public arena. As Hurt campaigns for U.S. Senate campaign, he hopes that the […]

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Owned by Don Howlett, Kelly’s The Florist shop prepared over 1,600 orders for Valentine’s Day this year.

Floral frenzy

Marion flower shop works hard before and after each Valentine’s Day By Brianna Kudisch | Echo Don Howlett is one prepared florist. Armed with a brand new copy of The Farmer’s Almanac, a color-coded delivery sticker system and a folder thick with past order information since 2002, Howlett knows the […]

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Long-distance comes with its share of struggles and successes, but it can work for some couples. (Photo by Ruth Orellana-Flores)

Campus-crossed love

The rewards and struggles of long-distance datingBy Brianna Kudisch & Megan Alms | Echo & Contributor  When two love-struck students are torn apart by attending different schools, it can certainly put an end to a lot of things. It’s the end of regular face-to-face conversations; it’s the end of studying together, spending […]

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Serving the least of these

Serving the least of these

Taylor’s athletic teams volunteer with Secret Families ministry  By Brianna Kudisch | Echo A navy blue coat with a furry hood. That’s something many students may already own, but if not, they can easily go out to the store and buy one. However, not everyone has that luxury—which is the […]

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The glitches of gaming

The glitches of gaming

Video gaming comes with pros and cons   By Tim Pietz | Contributor Eyes glazed. Spindly limbs folded. Appendages twitching. Is it dead? No—it’s a gamer. You’ve heard the critics: video games are antisocial, addictive time-wasters. Yet passionate gamers defend their hobby, citing artistic merit and community building. Gaming certainly […]

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Terry Himelick, farm manager at Victory Acres, has lived in the area his entire life.

The story of your lunch

People make your food; chickens eat the leftoversBy Becca Robb | Echo  This is the second in a series of four articles researching environmental sustainability on campus. Topics include electricity, water, food and material waste.   Before lunch As the bell tower tolls 11 a.m., students begin trickling down the stairs […]

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Not Ms. Frizzle’s bus

Not Ms. Frizzle’s bus

Student transforms bus into DIY project  By Aubree DeVisser | Echo Sophomore Noah Rader recently chose an unusual hobby. He and his father chose to modify a bus into an RV. Over the summer, Rader traveled 700 miles to Minnesota to buy a bus. He then drove it all the […]

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Jordan Hall saw the behind-the-scenes action of politics through his summer interning for future vice president Mike Pence. (Photo by Elyse Horb)

Politics out of public view

A student’s experience working behind-the-scenes in Mike Pence’s officeBy Brianna Kudisch | Echo People rarely see the behind-the-scenes work of politics in action, but fortunately for senior Jordan Hall, his internship at Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s office this past summer allowed him a glimpse into the reality of political work. […]

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