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College football changed over the course of the SEC's reign.

SEC dethroned

The SEC controlled college football for years, it seemed always winning the BCS championship game. The past two years concluded without that result, but the impact of the SEC’s dominance changed college sports as a whole.

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“The Bible had 20, 30, 40, 50 characters in it. You don’t think that I would be one of the characters of today’s modern Bible?” -Kanye West

Sorry Kanye, I’m not laughing

Beck’s Grammy acceptance speech was tainted by another outburst from Kanye. This time was too far, as Beck is an accomplished artist worthy of the award.

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Russell Wilson’s throw may be the point of blame for the Seahawks’ loss.

Second and goal

The Super Bowl came down to the final minute. The Seahawks were on the one yard line when a pass was intercepted to cost them the game. Maybe it wasn’t the decision to pass, but rather the pass itself that caused the loss.

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Ebola may be covered in the news as affecting a country, but each person that lives there has his or her own story.

Despite Ebola

Many people affected by Ebola have decided to stay in areas full of disease and help fight it. This is one woman’s story of Ebola’s impact on her and her family.

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Over 1,000 miles of ground will be torn up to place this 30 inch pipe into the ground if the Keystone XL bill passes.

Key Problems of the Keystone Pipeline

A bill that will increase North American oil production moves through CongressBy Adam Kelly | Echo Imagine a world where monkeys, squirrels and other small animals don’t exist. Plants are withered or dead. Water has drowned coastal cities. This will happen if the earth’s temperature continues to rise. Carbon emissions […]

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Students suffer cold conditions to honor Taylor’s great traditions.

A Taylor Christmas

Taylor’s Christmas time includes studying for finals, but that isn’t all that happens. Open houses abound, Silent Night and Hollipalooza all happen during the last few weeks before finals end. The end of the year brings stress and a large workload but Taylor students don’t forget to have some fun before everyone heads home for the holidays.

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Running quarterbacks, like RGIII, have struggled recently.

Quarterback down

Quarterbacks usually succeed standing in the pocket and making plays with their arms. But recently, multiple have used their legs to make plays, succeeding in changing the game. Defenses quickly adjusted, making for recent struggles for these quarterbacks using their legs.

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Under the Radar: Deciphering the Dragon

Under the Radar: Deciphering the Dragon

China wants to reassert its status as a global economic power to maintain national unity and restore its citizens’ national pride.

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Plan B can taken up to 72 hours after conception, a clear violation of an embryo’s rights in many Christian’s eyes.

The critical differences between ella and Plan B

The ACA mandate requires coverage of Plan B and ella. Taylor University opposes this view and its lawsuit reflects that decision. It views the embryo as life and should not be hurt by these contraceptives. Both disturb the embryo after conception.

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Justice should be served on criminals by the death penalty.

In defense of the death penalty

Some criminals deserve reconciliation chances before the death penalty is brought up. But serial killers and war criminals deserve the death penalty when they take away someone else’s life. Justice should be served. The death penalty should be served and rightfully so.

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