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Students hear the thoughts of a speaker.

Discussion opens at Taylor

Announcing a series of articles and forumsTom Jones | Contributor At the beginning of the year, Campus Pastor Jon Cavanagh invited the Taylor community to take time at 10 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to come together, praise God, seek His presence and open our Bibles, minds and hearts […]

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Freshman Erin Teevans contemplate the resurrection.

Our View: Easter and after

The Easter holiday helps cause constant reflectionEditorial Board | Echo The resurrection is the most important event in history. The truth of the resurrection has brought joy, hope and peace to believers all over the world, and is the overarching theme of all Christian belief. As the focal point of […]

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Sophomore Paul Terazano engages in some material with a different viewpoint.

Christians need other viewpoints

Consider works by people that believe other thingsConnor Salter | Contributor Recently, I checked out a movie some Christians have called “blasphemous.” Created by Monty Python, Life of Brian follows a young man living in Jesus’ time who gets mistaken for the Messiah. On its release, many people argued that […]

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The Mexico Spring Break team poses for a picture on location.

Our View: Missions have changed

The evolution of short-term missions and its effectsEditorial Board | Echo Short-term missions have been evolving over the past ten years. It is no longer people moving west to east, but rather the church moving in all directions. However, college students’ interest in short-term missions have been slowly declining. According […]

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Seniors Tanner Huber and Bailey Zehr share their stories with MAHE student Josh Meredith.

Taylor needs to listen

The “Taylor-norm” pushes some to the sideNicki Mortland | Contributor The words “intentional community” are words that every Taylor student hears at one point or another. It’s our ultimate goal, ideally the reason for our programming and the heart of our conversations. However, too often students feel like one or […]

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Here’s some examples of healthy options in the area.

Feeding your body well

Why you should buy those dozen farm eggs for $3.50Abigail Roberts | Echo Buying local, farm-grown meat and produce for many students may seem like a worthy but impossible commitment, but Micah Stewart (‘19), Rob Reber, assistant professor of environmental science, and local Upland farmers think otherwise. Imagine you’re in […]

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Junior Cassidy Drabek and sophomore Hannah Thalmayer participate in civil discussion.

People populate politics

Seek to find human beings in discussionJakob Miller | Contributor One in six Americans has stopped talking to a friend or family member because of disagreements over politics. That scares me. The next election is almost upon us (campaign ads are already running!) and political rhetoric has barely cooled since […]

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Sophomores Danielle Parker, Victoria Hilse, and Natalie Hummer pray together for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

Muslim community needs love

Christians should act with compassionCarissa Zaffiro | Contributor I won’t soon forget where I was sitting when I first heard about the deadliest attack in modern New Zealand’s history. 49 human beings were killed with a semi-automatic weapon by a self-proclaimed white supremacist who carried a video camera to record […]

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New York legally includes abortions under health care in clinics like Upland's health center. Sophomore Bri Kinsey visits the local establishment.

Our View: New York bill faces discussion

Reproductive Health Act sparks controversyEditorial Board | Echo *See the bottom of this page for facts about Roe V. Wade and New York’s Reproductive Health Act. New York has the highest abortion rate of anywhere in the country. According to the New York Department of Health, between the years of […]

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Junior Erin Hetrick heads out the door for her break.

Our View: Spring Break

Is nine days enough to recharge?Editorial Board | Echo Spring break is upon us, and while students are anticipating the nine days of relaxation, some may question whether nine days is enough time for stressed college students to recharge. The Editorial Board believes so. Laura Edwards, assistant professor of psychology, […]

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