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Samantha Korn and Cody Tait share a Valentines Day moment

Our View: Couples celebrate love

Feb. 14 thrives on a budgetEditorial Board | Echo Every year, Valentine’s Day comes and goes, a holiday people celebrate with their significant other. Couples who have spent years together and those just beginning their relationships come together and tell each other what they mean to the other. This holiday […]

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Taylor’s campus could be far more accessible

Accessibility comes slowly part 1

A series on disability awareness at TaylorKia Apple | Contributor My label as “the girl who randomly passes out” is more popular than my own name on this campus. While the description is not entirely medically accurate, it’s a rough sketch of a disorder I developed at the beginning of […]

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Starbucks has a hold on campus already

Starbucks and Taylor: where’s the Line?

Taylor cannot live alone in the worldSam Jones | Echo Perhaps the most exciting recent development on Taylor’s campus has been the construction of the new Tree of Life bookstore adjacent to the current post office. This new building hopes to include a new bookstore, a new campus store, and […]

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The Well provides a safe place for students to exercise.

Winter blues got you down?

Exercise is good for the soulBy Gabby Carlson | Echo It’s February now and everyone has gotten over their New Year’s Resolutions. If you are one of the strong ones and are still eating spinach, running daily or sleeping eight hours a night, I applaud you. But most of us […]

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Rev. Dyson spends time with Juniors Thaddeus Vanoverberghe and Nathan Makintosh.

Our View: Diversity across campus

An assessment of Taylor’s diversity engagementBy Editorial Board | Echo The Rev. Greg Dyson began his new position as special assistant to the president for intercultural initiatives on Jan. 2. Dyson’s position, among other things, will have him reporting directly to the president and creating a strategic plan for diversity […]

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Here’s an example of how students already have access to Starbucks drinks.

Taylor’s caffeinated conflict

Part of Taylor’s community questions a new additionBy Jed Barber | Echo Buzz has spread across campus about the possibility of a Starbucks being installed in the new campus bookstore. Rumors have circulated and the reports are in. It is really happening. Having such a notable source of coffee this […]

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The debate of what seasonal greeting to use affects much of our lives

Our View: Christmas confusion

What greeting to use and when to use itEditorial Board | Echo As the holiday season kicks into gear, cheerful seasons’ greetings can be heard in houses, stores and classrooms all over. Many Christians, going about their daily tasks, don’t think twice about wishing a “Merry Christmas” to friends and […]

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What we view in our culture can have a big effect

When the jokes go too far

How our words affect the culture we live inSam Jones | Echo Not many other topics seem to be drawing as much attention as the discussion of rape culture. I would say ― and I believe this opinion to be quite popular ― that rape is one of the worst […]

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Stan Lee has created some of our favorite Marvel heroes

Excelsior – Remembering Stan Lee

Paying tribute to a cultural iconEthan Rice | Contributor On Nov. 12, 2018, Stanley Martin Lieber died at the age of 95. Better known by his pen name, Stan Lee, the comic book pioneer leaves behind an iconic legacy the scope of which can only be matched by a handful […]

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Junior Deborah Settles spends reads in a rare quiet spot

A treasure hunt for introvert space

A student shows how Taylor is geared for extrovertsSonya Downing | Contributor Dorms. The student center. Euler’s seating areas. The couch clusters in Zondervan, Nussbaum and Rupp. Extrovert space overflows from Taylor like gold and jewels from a treasure chest, but where is the introvert space? Is there any? “It […]

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