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100 Years

1913-1930: The Echo: ahead of its time

Women’s suffrage was a hot topic in The Echo’s earliest days. The annual “Co-Ed” edition, published by an all-female staff, was a hit among students, and Echo staff used the platform to push for women’s right to vote in the U.S. In the first part of our “100 Years” series, we examine how the Echo has shaped political discussions at Taylor from the outset.

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1930s-1950: Taylor’s accreditation—a Rediger accomplishment

Celebrations commenced in the days surrounding Taylor’s accreditation in 1947 as students, faculty and staff began to understand what accreditation meant for the university’s past, present and future. The Echo proclaimed these celebrations at the time, and part 2 of our “100 Years” series notes that then-dean Milo Rediger, president-emeritus, was the man who deserved the most credit for the momentous accomplishment.

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1950s-1970: Taylor and the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a surprisingly contentious issue at Taylor. Part 3 of our “100 Years” series captures some of the different views held by students and faculty and the ways in which the Echo often took a different side than prominent student groups on campus.

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1970s-1990: Honoring a trustworthy voice

C.S. Lewis is often jokingly called the “fourth member of the Trinity” at Taylor. The Echo’s coverage of the writer and apologist over the last few decades, which we explore in the fourth part in our “100 Year” series, reinforces Lewis’ high standing at Taylor.

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1990s-Now: Taylor enters the Information Age

The arrival of the Internet at colleges across the country transformed academia—and it no less did so at Taylor. But there were significant questions about how the Internet would be available to students. Look back at the Internet’s implementation at TU through early Echo coverage, in the final piece of our “100 Years” series.

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