Taylor hosts Carnaval dance
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Carnaval comes to Upland

DSEC and LSU partner together to create a Latin American celebration here at Taylor

By Brecken Mumford | Echo

On April 8, the Taylor Student Organization (TSO)’s Dances and Special Events Committee and the Latino Student Union (LSU) are bringing Carnaval to Upland.

Carnaval is a vast celebration in Latin culture, similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The festival of Carnaval is celebrated across the world before Lent. Although Lent has passed, LSU decided to partner up with TSO’s Dances and Special Events Committee (DSEC) to create a unique experience for Taylor students.

Flyer for Carnaval by Matt Morse.

Flyer for Carnaval by Matt Morse.

“Latin American Carnavals are usually week-long festivals of parades with people dancing and celebrating the culture,” said LSU president, senior Jazmin Gomez. “We are very excited to bring this amazing tradition to our Taylor community.”

Gomez had the idea of turning LSU’s Salsa Night into a bigger event when she talked with Student Body Vice President Camila Chiang last year. Chiang put her in touch with DSEC president Danielle Spoutz.

Carnaval will be vastly different from Salsa Nights of the past—especially in regard to dancing.

“This event will not be limited to salsa (like past years) but include various music genres like merengue, bachata, cumbia and reggaeton,” Gomez said.

DSEC and LSU also have an instructor coming to teach salsa, machata, merengue and other dances. The dances are mainly partner-oriented, and the two groups are encouraging floors and wings to make it a pick-a-date or a brother-sister floor event.

Both LSU and DSEC have spent numerous hours planning and creating the event. Each task, from finances to decoration has been shared between the two groups.

“From the beginning we met together as one big group and broke up into smaller groups, making sure there was a representative of each cabinet in the groups,” Spoutz said.

Carnaval will be the first official event held  in the new LaRita R. Boren Campus Center. The festivities will last from 9-11 p.m. on April 8. Tickets will be sold at the door, priced at $5 for a single ticket or $8 for two tickets.

“I’m looking forward to seeing and learning a new type of dance style! It will be really fun and interactive,” Spoutz said. “I hope everyone really enjoys what we’ve put together.”

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