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Candidate consideration

Views on higher education

By Joseph Johns Echo

Republican Presidential Candidates:


Donald Trump

  • “We’re going to be cutting tremendous amounts of waste and fraud and abuse . . . but not services” – Trump in reference to a question of whether he would cut programs
  • “I may cut Department of Education—Common Core is a very bad thing.” – Trump
  • “Americans don’t know their roots: study your ancestry” – On the Issues
  • “How long do we think the U.S. can survive schools that pretend to teach while our kids pretend to learn? How can a kid hope to build an American Dream when he hasn’t been taught how to spell the word ‘dream’?” – On the Issues


Governor John Kasich

  • “Expanding charter schools—even though (Ohio’s) charter sector is the most troubled in the country.” – Washington Post
  • Increase number of school vouchers with public money to pay for private school tuition
  • Performance pay for teachers.
  • Evaluate educators by student standardized test scores in math and reading.
  • Dramatically overhaul school district funding formula to give poor districts and charter schools more resources


Senator Ted Cruz



Senator Marco Rubio

  • “I want to pick up the high-skilled vocational programs that our businesses are begging for; welders, machinists, BMW technicians, trained right here in the U.S.” – Rubio
  • “We should let students repay their loans based on what they actually earn.  The more you make, the faster you pay off your loans. The less you make, the less strain your loans cause on your wallet.” – Rubio

Marco Rubio


Dr. Ben Carson

  • “We have to reward teaching.”
  • “We need to start thinking about new paradigms, such as virtual classrooms.”
  • Change the role of the Department of Education to include a monitoring of institutions of higher education for extreme political bias

The Best Schools




Democratic Presidential Candidates:


Hillary Clinton

  • Spend $350 billion over ten years on a laundry list of priorities designed to bring the price of college down
  • Incentivize states to offer “no-loan” higher education at state-funded colleges and universities in those states
  • Significantly cut the interest rate on student loans
  • Support private college, with an emphasis on minority serving institutions
  • Provide robust educational benefits for those who serve their country by strengthening and protecting the G.I. Bill’s Educational Benefits
  • Expand community service Initiatives for Education plan through enlarging AmeriCorps, a group dedicated to serving communities through local charities, nonprofits, and faith-based groups
  • Make income based repayment simple and universal
  • Expand the American Opportunity Tax Credit to save middle-class American families up to $2,500 per year



Senator Bernie Sanders

  • All public colleges and universities should be tuition free
  • Cut student loan interest rates in half, from 4.32 percent to 2.32 percent
  • Students interested in work study programs should have a developed plan available to them through colleges and universities
  • Supported the DREAM Act, or the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act—which allows unlawful aliens to be eligible for higher education benefits

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