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Campus Store sale makes room for new apparel

Students and locals find deals

Kassidy Weemhoff | Echo

Campus Store offers options for repping Taylor and supporting a good cause.

After a necessary inventory sale, Taylor’s Campus Store’s shelves are stocked with new spirit wear for each student’s purchasing pleasure, including the responsibly manufactured OnMission apparel.


The sale took place from Feb. 26–28 in the Campus Store, and Stephen Richardson, the campus store manager, said the purpose was to liquidate old stock and make room for new inventory. Over the course of the three-day sale, many students, family members and locals came by to search for deals.


“I had fun working the sale because I enjoy helping other people find what they need and feel satisfied with their shopping experience,” said junior Erin Rogalla, a student who works at the Campus Store.


Richardson echoed this thought and said the community seemed to enjoy themselves while shopping. He and his team were very pleased with the turnout and enjoyed seeing the community come together for this event.


Another reason for the sale was to make room for a new set of apparel provided through OnMission, an organization that creates Fair Trade clothes for a the purpose of helping sponsor the livelihoods of the people of Haiti.


This mission-based mentality of the Campus Store brings a fresh look to the inventory, and gives students and locals reason to stop in and purchase. If you are looking for a comfortable item of clothing made for a responsible cause and representing your Taylor pride, swing by the Campus Store.


Located inside of the old Student Union, the Campus Store is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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