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Bringing the pieces together

Senior graphic design portfolio gallery this weekend

Senior Lizzie Wilson sets up her artwork for the senior show on Friday.

Senior Lizzie Wilson sets up her artwork for the senior show on Friday.

By Grace Hooley | Contributor

After about four years of splattering paint, designing digital art and studying photography, the senior class of graphic design majors can finally show Taylor what they are made of one last time.

On Friday, April 8, at 6:30 p.m. in Metcalf Gallery, 13 senior graphic design majors will host an art show, united by the theme “Counterpoint.”

“The definition of ‘counterpoint’ is the art or technique of setting, writing or playing a melody or melodies in conjunction with another,” said senior graphic design student Lizzie Wilson.

This is a free walk-in, walk-out gallery with a merchandise table and refreshments on the side. Each student made a portfolio and book filled with their designs and art from over the years. Walls will burst with original creations.

Along with a variety of photography, illustration, watercolor and digital art, each senior had to pick a specific word to define their display. Wilson chose “wordy.”

“I am especially drawn to letterforms because they can fulfill both form and function beautifully,” Wilson said. “Letters hold great significance as they begin to form alphabets, then words and entire languages. These words and sentences wield incredible power of communication. Carefully crafted sentences can inspire and build up, at the same time have the power to destroy and tear down.”

Along with works of art, this show came with some trials. Senior Deanna Breunig said that one difficulty for her was deciding what pieces to put into her portfolio. This is an opportunity for these seniors to put all of their work from over the years on display for Taylor to see, so the portfolio is a key ingredient for each senior’s display.

Breunig also believes that some of the struggles with this show were due to time. The senior exhibit class, which produced this show, only met once a week on Mondays. With spring break and minimal time, due to other commitments, the seniors were challenged to finish their work under a deadline.

“This week is crunch time, and we’ve had a lot of work to do to make final preparations for the show and get our personal gallery space set up, but honestly, our books have been a work-in-progress since day (one),” Wilson said.

As this year comes to a close in approximately two months, these seniors are feeling the weight of their impending graduation. This art gallery is their final showcase to Taylor and all that the university has helped them accomplish. It is not just a group of 13 seniors placing their art up for display—they are also placing themselves up for display.

“You really see the common threads that run through people’s work,” Breunig said.

Taylor has been a stepping stone for these designers. Breunig felt that Taylor taught her what it means to create something and why people create things in the first place. She learned how to incorporate her interests in all aspects of design.

Wilson described her experience at Taylor as “incredible.” She was taught to notice every tiny detail and mistake in her work, but she also learned to step back and see her work for what it is. She sculpted the ideas and innovations in her mind before they were ever sculpted digitally.

“It’s been amazing to work alongside everyone in this class because we’ve watched each other grow and helped each other be better. Not to mention our awesome professors who taught us so much and have been with us every step of the way,” Wilson said.

Breunig’s hope for the gallery is that all viewers will realize that graphic designs were made by someone. Before that design was created, it was a thought. That thought formed a plan. Then, a rough sketch burst forth. And then, after countless hours of creating, destroying and re-creating, that sketch became a work of true beauty—a graphic design.

“This show is about the work we have done over the past years,” Breunig said. “It is a way to weave all our voices together.”

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