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Brecken’s Breakdown

Letters through the years

By Brecken Mumford | Contributor

Two weeks everyone, two weeks. That’s all that’s left of the school year—three if you count finals week. But that’s it . . . two.

How did we get here?

I never really believed my mom when she said that time just flew by; that we grew up too fast for her. When I was a kid, I always felt like there was so much time—time to play outside, time to read, time to dance around, time to watch a movie (until bedtime, when suddenly there was not enough time to do all of the things I wanted) . . . but I believe her now.

It’s amazing how fast time has flown by: I’m almost finished with my junior year, my sister Reagan is graduating high school, my brother Gibson is about to be a freshman in high school and my brother Cash is going to be in sixth grade. Where did that time go?

Some of you are about to graduate college. Four years—each year passing faster than the previous—of hard work, growth and learning, all about to come to a close. And for others, these next two weeks will seem to drag on until a long anticipated summer break.

The semester is not slowing down—at least mine isn’t—and there’s still so much that must be done. I don’t know if we can really get rid of the busyness the end of the semester brings, but I have a couple ideas for making the goodbyes a bit easier.

Brace yourself, it’s pretty unique . . . never before been suggested. Are you ready?


I know, genius.

I love words, I love conversations and I love letters. Many of my friendships have been strengthened through written correspondence. Think about how much fun it is to get something in your mailbox that’s not a bill, an advertisement or a coupon that expires the next day. Pretty fun, right?

Nothing is wrong with FaceTime, texts or phone calls, and obviously nothing compares to face-to-face interaction, but snail mail is the best mail.

Now I’m not saying that your only mode of conversation should be letters, but why not shake things up this summer? Letters present the opportunity to respond in your own time, think longer about what you want to say and learn about your friends in a different way than your usual ways of communicating. There’s something special—almost vulnerable—about letters. They allow you to slow down, think and breathe—something I think most of us need.

And, the best part is, letters are written on your own time, and these conversations can carry on throughout the school year.

So as this semester wraps up and we say our goodbyes, ask for your friends’ addresses so you can send him or her that card with an inspirational cat photo you found at Target. And, who knows? You may just find yourself a new pen pal.

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