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Bank bandit caught

Suspect in custody this Wednesday

By Cassidy Grom | Echo

Bank Robberies

Graphic designed by Matthew Morse

Wednesday, police arrested a man accused of robbing three central Indiana banks.

On Monday, Jason Garmon, a 36-year-old Hartford City resident, allegedly robbed Citizen’s State Bank in Dunkirk, about a 25-minute drive from Taylor.

Police believe that Garmon is also associated with the robbery of Old National Bank in Winchester on Dec. 1 and a Nov. 23 robbery in Eaton.

The Winchester Indiana Police Department’s Facebook page shows photos of money and other evidence found in Garmon’s residence and vehicle. The police search allegedly found $3,000, according to local news agency, Fox 59.

The pictured evidence included a handwritten note that Garmon may have used for a script. “You have 45 seconds! No alarm! Twenty thousand! No Dye Packs! I’ll check! Quietly!” the note said.

At each robbery, the suspect entered the bank and demanded money from the teller before fleeing the scene. He did not display a weapon, but police said it was unclear if he was armed.

As of Wednesday, Garmon was being held in the Blackford County Jail and will face robbery charges in both Delaware County (where Eaton is located) and Randolph County (where Winchester is located).

The investigation and arrest was a joint effort by the Blackford County, Randolph County, Dunkirk, Eaton and the Indiana State police departments.

The wife of a Taylor student was reportedly a witness to the scene in Dunkirk, but declined to comment.

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