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1913-1930: The Echo: ahead of its time

Women’s suffrage was a hot topic in The Echo’s earliest days. The annual “Co-Ed” edition, published by an all-female staff, was a hit among students, and Echo staff used the platform to push for women’s right to vote in the U.S. In the first part of our “100 Years” series, we examine how the Echo has shaped political discussions at Taylor from the outset.

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Photograph by Micah Hancock

Food, Friendship, Fiction

Kay’s Pizza, on Main Street in Gas City, houses a storytelling community you can’t see from the outside.

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Set free

Set free

Tom Ballard leaned back into his chair, his loafers resting on the desk surrounding his hefty figure. His office door tells visitors he’s the CEO of Grant County Rescue Mission in downtown Marion.

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Swing state campaigning determines incumbent re-election

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Identity crisis: A new dorm culture

Identity crisis: A new dorm culture

By Kyla Martin Looking out the window of English Hall room 225 just a month ago revealed a thick line of trees and an open field of grass. Now, the view reaches across a field of mud all the way to the sand courts. The new residence hall on the […]

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The ‘Cool guy’ lives

The ‘Cool guy’ lives

Though James Dean is no longer living, his spirit lives on in the lives of his admirers. By Kyla Martin, L&T/Features Co-Editor Curt Whirl, 34, hasn’t missed the James Dean Festival in 24 years, making the trip from Florida since he was 18. Whirl is a Marion native, born and […]

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Confident customer service, regular drive-through

Confident customer service, regular drive-through

Chappy’s is a “drive-through convenience store” ­— it says so right on the sign, but it’s more than a business. It’s a place to gather for this small community of regulars.

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Straining the norm

Stephen Payne pressed the orange concoction through a metal strainer. The smooth mixture filled the bowl beneath as he licked a bit from the side of his pinky.

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Avoiding the dreaded ‘Freshman Fifteen’

BY: Kyla Martin & Rachel Vachon, L&T/Features Co-Editors Published: Aug. 24, 2012 If you snack, the pounds will pack A fourth meal becomes appealing the later it gets. Reaching into a gallon of goldfish is all too easy while doing homework, but that is the easiest way to ensure you’ll […]

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