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Christians need to join together in their faith

How we need to argue as Christians

C.S. Lewis and the need to remember common groundG. Connor Salter | Contributor “Christians have become known more for what they disagree on than the gospel they believe in.” Pastor Ronnie Floyd said in a discussion with Ed Stetzer, published in the April 2018 edition of Christianity Today. As hard […]

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Bikes like these often disappear across campus

“Borrowing” is theft

A student’s response to campus bike theftDrew Shriner | Echo Taylor University claims to be the land of intentional community. Upon entering this community, students and faculty commit to loving and serving others, and we often do it well. However, I see one mar on this campus’ record of community: […]

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The DC provides a number of options for meals

Stop dishin’ on the DC

A student’s response to negativityMegan Miller | Contributor “I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually had a decent meal at the DC.” “Yeah, I can never find anything to eat.”    I hear this type of conversation on a daily basis, but I can never manage to see where […]

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Senior Maddy Prince showcases her patriotism

America: great doesn’t mean perfect

A students response to John FeaSamuel Jones | Contributor About a month ago, Taylor University hosted a speaker to discuss the topic of current politics. The speaker selected was John Fea, history department chair from Messiah College. Fea asked us a question at the end of his lecture. “When was […]

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Taylor offers multiple news sources on campus

The real danger of fake news

False stories obscure truthJakob Miller | Contributor Fake news is by no means new: in 1835 the New York Sun ran a set of stories about the fantastic beasts that had just been discovered on the moon. Surprisingly, the story turned out to be false and the paper retracted their […]

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“Tree of Life” is just one of the many movies offered to freshmen for foundations

Our View: Senior movie reviews

Seniors reflect on Foundations filmsEditorial Board | Echo The foundations of the Christian liberal arts requires its students to watch three out of four films and one play. “The main purpose is to use what we think is an important medium in our world: film,” Jeff Cramer, associate professor of […]

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One of Taylor’s accommodations for handicapped students.

How accessible is Taylor?

Students with disabilities find a voice at TaylorAlyssa Roat | Echo Last spring, junior Megan Burkhart was half-carried down the stairs of her dorm to a waiting ambulance. Why? English Hall has no elevator, and EMTs couldn’t reach her with a stretcher. Samantha Hurst (’18) invited her sister who uses […]

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The Indianapolis Power and Light Company building shows its patriotism.

Our View: Should Christians vote?

How faith works at the pollsEditorial Board | Echo The United States holds a unique position. Few modern countries have held to democratic values like this nation for the past two hundred years, while protecting its citizens right to vote. Yet the polls remain unattended by many. The Pew Research […]

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Students cheer for TU from the sidelines.

How would Jesus cheer at a sporting event?

Other teams are Christian tooBill Heth | Contributor I enjoy competition. Two of my sons played Taylor football, and I filmed almost all their games. My oldest son, Justin, a two-time NAIA All-American, chose a unique paper topic for his capstone project as a Christian Ministries major: “Biblical Sports.” What?! […]

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Dr. Spiegel advocates for Res Publica

The Res Publica resumed

The conservative voice speaks againJames Spiegel | Contributor In his classic work On Liberty, John Stuart Mill notes that essential to the search for truth is that a person keep “his mind open to criticism of his opinions.” He adds that, “the steady habit of correcting and completing his own […]

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