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Junior Erin Hetrick heads out the door for her break.

Our View: Spring Break

Is nine days enough to recharge?Editorial Board | Echo Spring break is upon us, and while students are anticipating the nine days of relaxation, some may question whether nine days is enough time for stressed college students to recharge. The Editorial Board believes so. Laura Edwards, assistant professor of psychology, […]

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Seniors Kristin and Nick van Gilse enjoy coffee in the local Bridge Café.

Local business needs Taylor

A local business owner speaks on the StarbucksNicholas Kerton-Johnson | Contributor In 2012, my family was invited to go and skin deer with a group of local men. It was apparent that my friend had taken a chance in inviting us when our host mentioned that he had never had […]

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Straws are readily available in the Taylor student center

Straws: danger or over exaggeration?

Straws suck, but not as much as one may thinkChrysa Keenon | Echo In 2018, Starbucks announced that they would no longer be using straws. Disney, among other companies, followed. I thought this was great, so I did my part by participating in the #StopSucking campaign by no longer using […]

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Donald Trump surveys his new wall

Our View: President Trump’s new wall

Controversy concerning the U.S. Mexico borderBy The Echo Editorial Board Editors note: paired with this article is a column of facts that are useful in understanding the issue at hand.  For several years now, the argument concerning the border of the US and Mexico has been a dominating presence in […]

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Do Trojans culturally appropriate?

Do Trojans culturally appropriate?

Airband policy and its greater effectsJed Barber| Echo Airband season has arrived on campus in full swing. It promises nice, clean fun for everyone involved. However, the airband I signed on with hit a snag early on in our process. Our theme called for a group of dancers to be […]

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Junior Brett Lawson signs the petition of his choice.

Morally assessing business partnerships

A continuation on the petition discussionBy James Spiegel | Contributor In contemporary American culture, there are many challenges which face Christian institutions, whether they are businesses or universities.  One of these regards making morally responsible decisions about contractors and service providers with which to partner. For one thing, it is […]

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Sophomores Hannah Wallen and Kristin McNamara and Juniors Ember Pflughoeft and Alex Francis navigate Taylor’s campus effortlessly.

Disabilities need attention

The final piece on Taylor and accessibilityBy Kia Apple | Contributor Editor’s Note: This article is the third in a three part series. Anyone is at-risk of becoming temporarily or permanently disabled. Taylor students may encounter multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, lupus, crohn’s disease, schizophrenia and depression, common conditions that can […]

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Sophomore Noah Huseman and Junior Brett Lawson participate in a heated rivalry.

Our View: Dorms need to love

Rivalry can lead to unintended consequencesBy the Editorial Board | Echo It is common to identify ourselves not only by who we are but also by who we are against. This is clearly seen in our campus rivalries. The Editorial Board has agreed that competition is not inherently bad. However, […]

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A student studies in her dorm room.

Our View: Dorms deteriorate

Taylor’s facilities need more attentionEditorial Board | Echo Taylor University was founded in 1846, and quite frankly, it seems as if some of the university buildings have not been renovated since that day. Leaks in the ceiling of Rupp, the lack of air conditioning in Wengatz, Olson and English, and […]

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A student enjoys a quiet moment with some poetry.

Slow down with a daily poem

Why reading a poem every day is good for youChrysa Keenon | Echo E. Cummings. Emily Dickinson. Robert Frost. What do all these dead people have in common? They were all poets. And the work they completed is relevant to us today, even as media-hungry college students. A lot of […]

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