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Ethical brands value people over dollars.

Save more than money

Exercising ethics in consumerismBy Nicole Arpin | Contributor Who made your shirt? No, not the brand name sewn on the tag. Whose hands pulled the lever on the machine that stitched your jeans? Was their paycheck sufficient? Could they feed their family with it? How did that jean-stitching machine affect their […]

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Which bathroom do you use when both might be dangerous?

To pee…

Restricted bathrooms hurt trans peopleBy Melanie Schmocker | Contributor It’s been over a month since North Carolina passed HB2, the “bathroom bill” designed to keep transgender people out of women’s restrooms (keeping them out of men’s bathrooms never seems to cross anybody’s mind), and my Facebook newsfeed has blown up […]

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For sexual assault survivors, the bathroom policy issue is anything but black and white.

…or not to pee

Open bathrooms threaten vulnerable peopleBy Anonymous | Contributor *This article was written by a student who requests anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the content. It’s impossible to go online without seeing something about Target’s new policy concerning their bathrooms. It has saturated our media, and I am constantly […]

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Body acceptance is one thing, but complacency is another.


God is not to blame for unfit bodiesBy Rebecca A. Schriner | Echo I am not a small girl. My bone structure is from my father, once a lineman for his college football team. I didn’t have much of a chance to be petite. But God made me this way, and I […]

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Some words may be fine to throw around, but some definitely are not.

No laughing matter

Some words should never be a jokeBy Rebekah Hardwicke | Contributor I like to joke that I have the spiritual gift of sarcasm, but I have learned the hard way that words have consequences. There are certain things you can joke about with some people that you cannot with others. But […]

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Rey’s strength encourages girls to stand up for themselves.

A force to be reckoned with

Female leads in action movies matterBy Hannah Schaefer | Contributor I expected a lot of things from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” but I did not expect to cry. So I was surprised by the tears in my eyes when Rey used the Force to pull the lightsaber from the […]

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God has been calling his people to go against popular opinion for millennia.

Called to conflict

When the church disagrees with God’s callingBy G. Connor Salter | Contributor We all know we’ll struggle in this life. If you’ve grown up in Christian circles, you probably know this very well. The church probably taught you Bible verses about how God promises to be with us in hard […]

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Local missions build relationships with our community.

A missions trip…to Upland?

Local communities have needs tooBy Matthew Morse | Echo It’s simple to write off mission work in America as a lesser need, considering our standard of living compared to other cultures. But does it excuse our inattention? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rates of volunteer work have been […]

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Football players are at risk for CTE from repeated head trauma.

Knocking heads over football

Football offers more than just head traumaBy Wilson Alexander | Contributor The game of football is at a crossroads. Another NFL season is in the books, and although Super Bowl 50 is likely to be the most-watched TV event of the year and the League’s revenue is higher than it has […]

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The new student center became a popular hangout almost overnight.

All the cool kids are doing it

The new Campus Center is a hitBy Sarah Gorman | Contributor I sit in the new LaRita R. Boren Campus Center as I write this. It’s even more crowded this evening than it was this time yesterday. I’m on one of the couches because all the tables are taken by […]

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