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Commencing repayment

Commencing repayment

Student loans are a daunting prospect for graduating seniors. But to plan to pay them off well is the first step on the path to a healthy financial future.

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(Graphic illustrated by Matthew Morse)

HHS lawsuit remains in limbo

Taylor’s lawsuit against the federal government is on hold, pending a decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. The court granted Taylor and its co-plaintiffs temporary relief from the ACA’s contraceptive mandate in December 2014, exempting the nonprofit organizations from the fines for failing to provide employees with what they consider abortifacient drugs.

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Tuition tops $30k for first time

Tuition tops $30k for first time

Taylor’s tuition, room and board will increase 2.5 percent in the 2015-16 school year due to employee raises, increased healthcare costs and higher scholarships for incoming students.

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National study reveals dismal four-year graduation rates

National study reveals dismal four-year graduation rates

According to a new study, few college students graduate on time.Taylor’s graduation rate is higher than the national average, but still below the university’s target goal.

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The death penalty, mainly done by lethal injection in a chair like this one, is inhumane and should be abolished.

Death to the death penalty

The death penalty is still allowed by the federal government and 32 states. But the punishment is inhumane and abhorrent. The reasons Americans state for being in favor do not stand up to further research.

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Taylor, three Christian organizations file lawsuit against federal government

Taylor, three Christian organizations file lawsuit against federal government

Taylor joined three other Christian nonprofits in filing suit against the federal government on Oct. 31. The lawsuit contests the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that employers cover certain contraceptives as part of employee health plans. Taylor argues the mandate violates its religious rights. Ignoring the mandate carries serious financial penalties for the university.

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Members of the Legacy ’64 leadership team presented their gift to President Habecker in chapel today. (Yearbook photographs provided by The Ilium via University Archives; group photograph by Shannon Smagala)

Class of ’64 leaves a legacy

By giving the largest 50th reunion class gift, the class of ’64 made Taylor history today at Homecoming Chapel. In order to leave a legacy they were proud of, they formed a team of classmates and met as far as eight years in advance. Learn more about how they pulled it off.

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Academy Award-winning director to visit Fort Wayne

Academy Award-winning director to visit Fort Wayne

Do you have a strange desire to build a snow, even though it’s only October? Think reindeers are better than people and that love is an open door? Can you not get a certain Disney movie out of your head and refuse to let it go? Then come to the Robert Goldstine University of St. Francis Performing Arts Center this weekend in Fort Wayne. “Frozen” co-director Chris Buck will present a series of lectures and host a “Frozen” sing-along screening, giving you another excuse to see the massively popular classic.

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Caption. (Photograph by Whoever)

STORIFY: Rooms, roommates and new beginnings

When new freshmen visited Taylor’s campus for orientation last week, they shared their experiences over social media. Here are some of our favorite images reactions from the class of 2018, shared via #TUSummerO.

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Dodging dark financial days

Dodging dark financial days

The press is sounding the alarm about the future of small, private universities. But is Taylor’s situation so dire? Not yet, thanks to the work of the Advancement office.

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