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The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in December 2012 left 28 people dead.

Gunning for trouble

School shootings have become a regular occurrence in recent years. Sandy Hook was one of the bigger events. But if teachers have guns, will they stop the shooters?

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Russell Wilson’s throw may be the point of blame for the Seahawks’ loss.

Second and goal

The Super Bowl came down to the final minute. The Seahawks were on the one yard line when a pass was intercepted to cost them the game. Maybe it wasn’t the decision to pass, but rather the pass itself that caused the loss.

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Ebola may be covered in the news as affecting a country, but each person that lives there has his or her own story.

Despite Ebola

Many people affected by Ebola have decided to stay in areas full of disease and help fight it. This is one woman’s story of Ebola’s impact on her and her family.

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Over 1,000 miles of ground will be torn up to place this 30 inch pipe into the ground if the Keystone XL bill passes.

Key Problems of the Keystone Pipeline

A bill that will increase North American oil production moves through CongressBy Adam Kelly | Echo Imagine a world where monkeys, squirrels and other small animals don’t exist. Plants are withered or dead. Water has drowned coastal cities. This will happen if the earth’s temperature continues to rise. Carbon emissions […]

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Students suffer cold conditions to honor Taylor’s great traditions.

A Taylor Christmas

Taylor’s Christmas time includes studying for finals, but that isn’t all that happens. Open houses abound, Silent Night and Hollipalooza all happen during the last few weeks before finals end. The end of the year brings stress and a large workload but Taylor students don’t forget to have some fun before everyone heads home for the holidays.

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Unsanitary conditions are causing many women to be hospitalized or die.

Death by sterilization

Women are being hospitalized and have died due to unsanitary conditions at sterilization camps in India. There may be any combination of no running water, electricity or enough staff at these camps. These procedures are supposed to make it a safe and easy option for women.

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Ad(ding) to Snapchat

Ad(ding) to Snapchat

Ads were never a part of the vision of Snapchat until recently. Snapchat has put ads in the “recent updates” section of the app. The company is worth $10 billion, ads are not needed for revenue for this company.

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Movie theaters are still worth it

Movie theaters are still worth it

Netflix has gained subscribers by the millions over the past few years, especially from college students. But Netflix cannot provide the same experience a movie theater can, despite the price and convenience. Movie theaters are still worth going to for your next movie viewing.

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Smell my feet

Smell my feet

Halloween is a time full of costume parties and eating as much candy as possible. Unfortunately, society has dictated only children should go trick or treating. Lets change that and all go trick or treating this year. Grab a bag to fill up with candy to go with your costume and head door to door.

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Medication provides the easy way out.

Death with dignity

Assisted suicide has blown up the Internet recently due to Brittany Maynard choosing to end her life via medication. She has come to focus more on how she will die and taking it into her own hands than spending every moment with family and friends.

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