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The arts outlined

Check out the different groups and classes around campus

(Photograph by Naomi Page) Sophomore Margie Crosby paints for this semester’s water-based media class.

(Photograph by Naomi Page) Sophomore Margie Crosby paints for this semester’s water-based media class.

By Grace Hooley | Echo

Vocals, cello, flute, handbells—no matter which instrument, Taylor offers multiple outlets for musical talents. With spring registration beginning, check out these opportunities to audition for to use and expand your gifts.

Vocal Ensembles:

Adoration Chorus (Women’s chorus) (1 credit)

This choral ensemble sings a mixture of contemporary sacred choral arrangements, spirituals and worship songs. They strive for vocal excellence and focus on leading others in worship during performances.

Contact Eva Kwan for more information.

Taylor University Chorale (1 credit)

The Taylor Chorale sings a wide range of sacred choral works. The ensemble strives to worship in all aspects of music. Students perform on tours domestically and internationally, as well as at concerts for conferences and conventions.

Contact JoAnn Rediger for more information.

“Chorale is a ministry, not a music group,” junior Chorale member Ross DeLong said. “My favorite part of Chorale is going to various churches, and even places around the world, and sharing the gospel through song and worship.”

Taylor Sounds Chamber Ensemble (1 credit)

Taylor Sounds Chamber Ensemble members strive for a high standard of chamber choral performance. The group learns a variety of music by classical as well as contemporary composers and worships through choral chamber music art. Performance tours include local and overseas venues, conferences, conventions and banquets.

Contact JoAnn Rediger for more information.

Lyric Theatre (1 credit)

Performances include fully-staged productions and semi-staged “scene” productions. According to the Taylor website, “The primary goal of the ensemble is to create live performances demonstrating dramatic confidence, vocal ease and aesthetic sensibility.”

Contact Conor Angell for more information.

Instrumental Ensembles:

Wind Ensemble (1 credit)

Made up of wind and percussion players, the wind ensemble performs classic and contemporary wind, sacred, pop and pep band literature. They host one concert program each semester in addition to their annual tours.

Contact Al Harrison for more information.

Jazz Ensemble (1 credit)

Open to all wind and percussion players, the jazz ensemble performs contemporary stage band literature and jazz classics. The ensemble presents a concert each semester and tours to local schools and jazz festivals.

Contact Al Harrison for more information.

Jazz Combo (1 credit)

The jazz combo delves into improv styles to perform at a concert each semester. They offer instruction to different levels of ability, from beginners to advanced.

Contact Al Harrison for more information.

“I love it because there is a certain relationship and conversation that goes on between musicians, and honestly I feel more connected to any one musician in that time than I have with any person I’ve ever had a conversation with using English words,” sophomore Ethan Garratt said.

Symphony Orchestra (1 credit)

Featuring string, wind and percussion players, the symphony orchestra performs a concert showcasing a selection of works from each of the major historical periods that provides pieces for full orchestra.

Contact Christopher Bade for more information.

Taylor Ringers (1 credit)

The 13-member Taylor ringers perform a variety of pieces, ranging from simple to difficult. They perform four-to five-octave pieces at concerts on and off campus.

Contact Eva Kwan for more information.

“I love how close we’ve grown as an ensemble and honoring God through ringing,” sophomore Mary Wurster said.

Music Lessons:

Piano lessons           MUS 105K   Spring 2017 CRN 33953

Voice lessons           MUS 105V   Spring 2017 CRN 33962

Brass lessons (trumpet, trombone, French horn, etc.) MUS 105BSpring 2017 CRN 33955

Woodwind lessons (clarinet, flute, saxophone, etc.) MUS 105W  Spring 2017 CRN 33956

String lessons (violin, cello)MUS 105S    Spring 2017 CRN 33957

Percussion lessons  MUS 105P   Spring 2017 CRN 33958

Guitar lessons          MUS 105G   Spring 2017 CRN 33959

Each lesson occurs once a week during one half hour for 1 credit. All lessons must be taken for credit. The cost per half-hour lesson is $268.00, which is billed to your student account.

You can take any lesson regardless of prior knowledge of the instrument. Lessons are scheduled by instructors, and students will be notified by email to schedule the day, time and location for lessons.

Not interested in music? Check out these theatre and art classes!

Theatre Classes:

Acting Methods and Theories THR 240 Spring 2017 CRN 36811

Theatre History II THR 230 Spring 2017 CRN 36810

Aesthetics CAC 326  Spring 2017 CRN 32081

Art Classes:

Drawing ART 101 Spring 2017 CRN 30001

Two-Dimensional Design ART 151 Spring 2017 CRN 33752

Painting I ART 221 Spring 2017 CRN 34578

Film and Darkroom ART 261 Spring 2017 CRN 30003

Three Dimensional Design ART 271 Spring 2017 CRN 34602

Ceramics: Handbuilt Forms ART 281 Spring 2017 CRN 35520

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