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Alone on Valentine’s Day

Singleness can be a curse

By Sean Quillen | Contributor

Especially on Valentine’s Day, singleness can feel like a curse. (Photograph provided by Unsplash)

Especially on Valentine’s Day, singleness can feel like a curse. (Photograph provided by Unsplash)

Well, Valentine’s Day has come upon us and went like a gastrointestinal disease. There was a lot of sweating, nausea, sprints to the restroom and lots of lying in bed due to fatigue.

Well, that’s how it felt for me.

I get the feeling I am not the only one who has dealt with the over-commercialized paganism that is Valentine’s Day (it’s one of the most American holidays we have out there, although not as commercially big as other materialistic days of worship like Black Friday and Christmas). I’m also pretty sure that many here at Taylor find this holiday to be a pointless venture. I don’t think it’s because of our Christian upbringing though. I believe we don’t like this holiday because many of us have been marked with the curse of (trigger warning) singleness (your triggers have been warned).

And if there is something Christians hate, it’s being reminded that they are cursed.

I know; I’m one of them.

For all my life, I have suffered from singleness. I have sought after a multitude of medications and seances to cure myself. I’ve Mingled with Christians, pursued Plenty of Fish, even attempted to find Harmony with an e. All of these pursuits lead to nothing. I then went to seek wisdom from online ministries, who informed me that my cursed life was from a lack of faith in God’s good plans for me. I then spent years strengthening my faith, to where it got as big as a mustard seed, and all I could do was move a stupid mountain. Apparently, my faith had to be the size of a grapefruit in order to move someone’s heart.

But, not all of my cursed life has been in vain, as I have gotten to meet others who are cursed as well, who share the same pain as I do. I met one who has chosen to be cursed, as they found themselves more content in this stage of life, rather than being “blessed” (the term we call you dating folk). It has opened up conversations with other cursed folk, as we find ourselves experiencing the same feelings of disappointment and angst. We cursed really look up to the words of St. Paul, who too was given the blight of singleness by God (who had a single son named Jesus).

These conversations have led us to feel blessed and to think of those who are in relationships as cursed.

These feelings of blessedness do not work all the time. There will always be those moments where we cursed will see the (uncomfortably) intimate moments between the “blessed” as we walk on campus (or pass by the palaces of osculation that are Wengatz and Olson) that we’ll quickly scurry away from (although we will strongly desire to hurl our Bean drink at you, we won’t though, cause those drinks are like four bucks and taste too good to waste).

On a serious note, I do hope that all of you that feel cursed had a great Valentine’s Day. I hope that God has gifted you with a witnessing of his love and grace by someone that cares about you. I pray that he continues to provide you with these moments, because we all need to be reminded of his goodness.

And for you blessed folk, I do hope you had a great Valentine’s Day as well, and that God has used your significant other to show you His love and grace. Just remember that it could always be worse.

You could be cursed!

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