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Alleviating the awkwardness

Navigating bro/sis wing breakups

By Braden Ochs | Contributor

Change is in the air. Room draw, scheduling and residence staff training are all upon us. Change can be a little uncomfortable, but one change that always gets awkward is bro/sis floor break-ups. Here is a step-by-step process to help you navigate the tricky waters of these awkward transitions.

Step 1: Wonder whether your bro/sis floor is worthy for next year

If they stop talking to you or stop going to bro/sis events, it may be time to find a new sibling floor. If they make fun of your cool cabbage open house, you don’t need that negativity in your life. Sometimes they just can’t understand how cool you actually are. Come on, cabbages are pretty beast.

Step 2: Tell them about the breakup

This is always the hardest part, but here is the best way to go about this: PAs should gather a group to go over to the bro/sis floor during open house. Then about 30 minutes in, one of the PAs should quickly tell the other PA that they are breaking up with them. Then the PA should gather his/her group and run out of that building. A quick escape will avoid the awkward situation pretty well.

Another way to go about this is to go to the bro/sis floor and start singing Taylor Swift songs. “We are never, ever, ever, getting back together!” Or better yet, “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”

Step 3: Find a new bro/sis floor

This is a critical step because you don’t want to be single for the next year. Try hanging up “Lost Floor” signs around campus and write down a contact number. You can also invent “Taylor Tinder” so that you can find the perfect bro/sis floor.

If you’re desperate, you can go around to each dorm and sing songs proclaiming your love for them. Maybe then you can find the perfect one.

Step 4: Avoid awkward tension between you and your previous bro/sis floor

This can be done by avoiding them completely. If you see someone from the floor on the sidewalk, don’t let them see you or talk to you. Plan out safe zones around campus where you can escape from these awkward situations.

However, if you consider yourself pretty brave, then face your estranged brother/sister! It may be the beginning of a new friendship.

Step 5: Plan more bro/sis events for next year

Maybe it didn’t work out because neither of you planned many events with your bro/sis floors. Plan cooler events for your new bro/sis floor such as Taco Bell dates, chess tournaments, movie nights (aka Hot Rod), minor league baseball games or even just casual ping-pong matches during open house. If this year’s bro/sis floor didn’t work out, hope and plan that next year’s will work out better

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