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Airband date coming soon

With an earlier date than years past, less prep time for contest

By: Jon Stroshine, News Editor

Published: Sept. 14, 2012

Junior Steve Moon remembers a time when his fellow members of First West Wengatz could saunter into Airband practice, goof around for a bit and eventually get down to business.

Not so this year.

“It’s just been pretty hectic with (Airband) early because . . . you have to do it all at once,” Moon said. “I just remember last night when we were practicing, I was like, ‘Guys, auditions is coming in eight days . . . . We need to get on this.”

That is reality for those participating in Airband, Taylor’s annual lip-syncing contest, as the event falls on Sept. 28 this year, about two weeks earlier than last year’s Oct. 13 date.

The event has also been moved to a Friday, a change from the traditional Thursday night date.

“I’ve heard mixed reviews . . . . I think I’ve heard . . . ‘The theme sounds really fun, and that sounds great,’” said Inter-Class Council (ICC) President Hannah Duncan. “I’ve also heard, ‘Well, I don’t have time to try out.’”

The change was decided by Duncan and Director of Student Programs Mallory Kendall. After they decided it would be a Friday rather than a Thursday, weekend conflicts necessitated an earlier or later date than usual.

“Students love the bonding time of practicing, but then eventually you start to hate practicing, too,” Austin said. “Maybe people will enjoy it more, practicing, as opposed to going, ‘We have three more weeks of this.’”

Austin also pointed out that historically, Sept. 28 is not that early for Airband. It is only when compared with more recent years that it seems premature, he said. He also believes that the switch to Friday night makes sense for students as well as parents.

“If you’re performing, it’s a Friday, you’re not thinking about, ‘Man, when I’m done here, I’ve gotta run back and catch up on this for my test,’” Austin said. “We also wonder if more families will be able to attend . . . Coming to the 6:30 show on a Thursday night meant that you got everything you needed to get done before you came to get in line at maybe six.”

According to Duncan, the early date has required ICC to be even more organized while preparing decorations fitting in with Airband’s pandemic theme. For junior Tara Gnagy, organizing individual groups has been a challenge, as well.

“I’ve tried to stay really organized,” Gnagy said. “The practices have been going really well . . . .”


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